7 Actionable Tips to Improve Your CV [Infographic]


If you are having a tough time searching for jobs and find that you are not being invited to interviews, then you need to take a good look at your CV. This guide from StandOut CV is designed to point you in the right direction and get your CV noticed by potential employers. Improving your CV is not as difficult as it might sound because all it needs is a little focus and the right content.

The aim of this infographic is to show you exactly what it takes to create a killer CV with just seven simple tips. This is all about selling yourself and getting yourself noticed, making it easy for potential employers to see who you really are and what you can really offer them. Recruiters and hiring managers are not keen on having to sift through superfluous information, and they certainly do not want to have to break a CV down to get to the information that matters because of poor formatting.

Do not use generic clichés such as “hard-working team player” because they are widely overused and that will certainly prevent you from standing out. Your CV is an insight into your achievements, qualifications and skills and so, employers need this information to be accessible almost instantly. In fact, it needs to be jumping off the page because that is the kind of content that will result in you receiving a call to say that you have been invited to a job interview.

7 CV improvement tips infographic



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