5 Ways You Can Improve Your Job Search


Looking for a new role is always a challenge. Searching, CVs, covering letters, interviews and a whole lot of waiting to hear back from employers can be a lot to take on. There’s nothing more frustrating than applying for numerous roles and then either never hearing anything or being knocked back at various stages of the recruitment process.

If your job search isn’t going as well as you’d hoped, perhaps it’s time to make some improvements! Here are 5 ways that we know will improve your job search.

1. Showcase your CV online

Submitting your CV to job sites like CV-Library not only makes it a lot easier for you to apply for jobs, but it also enables employers to view your CV and get in touch.

Submit your CV to CV-Library here.

2. Join/update LinkedIn

When you apply for roles, the employer will look you up on social media. While it’s important to ensure that your personal accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are private, having a professional profile on LinkedIn will help you to impress.

Ensure that you have a complete profile that showcases your skills and experience. Take a look at our LinkedIn Guide to ensure that your profile is up to scratch. You never know, if you’ve got a fantastic profile recruiters may start approaching you about roles.

3. Get in touch with relevant recruiters

Recruiters can be a great middle man between job seekers and employers. Not convinced about using them? Take a look at this.

If you haven’t already, find out who the key recruitment companies are in your industry. For example, if you’re looking for commercial graduate roles you should check out Bridgewater Graduates.

Take a look at the roles they have advertised on their website and apply for any that you are interested in. If you can register or submit your CV, that’s definitely worth doing, too. If any relevant opportunities come up, the recruitment company will be able to contact you about them.

4. Follow companies on social media

If there are certain companies that you are interested in working for, you should definitely follow them on social media. This way, you’ll always hear about any new opportunities that come available.

You can follow recruitment companies on social media, too.

5. Request feedback

Whether you get a ‘no’ after your application, a phone interview or a face-to-face interview you should always aim to get some feedback. If you know what you’re doing wrong, then you can make improvements for next time.

Unsure about how to request feedback, here’s what we recommend.

Securing a new job is rarely easy, but if you put in the time and effort and continue to improve your job search then you will get there. Here’s a bonus point for you: read up on application tips and interview advice to make sure that you are at the top of your game.

The very fact that you are reading this post shows that you’re serious about improving yourself and landing a fantastic new role, so we know you can do it. Good luck!

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