How to Answer the Job Interview Question: ‘What’s Your Current Salary?’


Being asked about your current salary in a job interview can feel uncomfortable and a little intrusive however it is a common question that you need to be prepared for.

While you may be tempted to give a vague answer or to try and dodge the question completely, the best way to make a good impression and to improve your chances of getting the job is to tell the truth.

By being truthful with your interviewer, and potential future employer, you are starting your relationship on the right foot and demonstrating that you are an honest and trustworthy employee.

There are two simple steps for you to follow if you want to ace the interview question “What’s your current salary?”:

Step 1: Know what you are worth

Talking about salaries makes many of us feel uncomfortable, however, if you know what your market value is you can broach the topic with more confidence.

Before your interview, you should do your research and figure out what others with your skills and job title are being paid. Using tools like PayScale is a great way to see what you’re worth. You should also pay attention to the salaries on offer when conducting your job search as this will help you to build a picture of what you can expect.

Your research may suggest that you are being underpaid in your current role, or in some cases overpaid! Either way, having done your research you can go into your interview with some concrete information.

Step 2: Share your current salary and negotiate

When asked about your current salary you should start by telling the truth, including any bonuses you receive. Then you can talk about how you can bring value and what you are looking for now.

If you know the role is offering a lower salary but you are prepared to accept this so you have better training and opportunities to grow and progress, be sure to explain this too.

If your salary expectations are fair and you make your case well, there’s no reason why the employer won’t be able to make you a good offer, no matter what your current salary is.

What if you receive a job offer and aren’t happy with your salary?

If you’re offered a salary that isn’t in-line with your expectations, there’s always the option to negotiate. If the offer is way off the mark, however, this may be a warning sign and you should walk away.


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