What Should You Add to Your Resume to Impress Startups?


Are you planning to work for a startup? Do you want the best resume for landing a job? Contrary to the beliefs, startups are picky. They go through all the details to ensure that they are hiring the best talents. Startups rely on the employees most. Employees are their assets. They can make or break the company dreams. Therefore, you should assume that startups are picker even than Google.

What will a startup want to see on your resume?

Startups will look at your work experience, job history, passion, and expertise for considering you for their job. Here are the details of a few things that startups might see on the resume of applicants.

A good combination of startup and big company experience 

Experience is one of the key requirements. If you have the experience of working for a big company, then it will work as a positive factor. A short experience even freelancing in a reputed company can go in your favor. However, they will expect you to work hard for their startups. While working in a startup, you will have to be multi-tasking. You will have to work for long stressful hours. In brief, they will want a good combination of startup and big company experience. Big company’s experience will prove their talent and expertise and startups will show their passion for long working hours.

Focus on talents rather than potential

The startups will focus more on the outcomes, not on the potential. You can be specific while sharing your achievements. When you do not have to share any list or number, you can make it impressing by adding popular brands. You need to showcase your passion in the additional section of your resume. They will go through the work you have done and the final result. If you have achieved something for your company, it is going to be an added benefit for sure.


Make everything clear in your resume. While hiring managers, they will not have enough time to go through the chaos. You need to make everything crystal clear by adding bullet points. Your employer is not going to spend more than ten seconds to review your resume. Make sure that everything is clear to be covered within this period.

Similar job titles

Startups look for some specific keywords on the resume. They will find you perfect for the post if you have the experience of doing the same job before. Even if you are not thoroughly skilled and experienced, you can list these keywords on your resume to make it impressive. If your work is limited to the hard drive, then you might not be considered. If it is recorded online like LinkedIn profile, then your chances are high. Add the link of your profile on the resume to look it more credible. You can also use your social media account to showcase your talent.

Blend of knowledge and passion

You should combine both the industry passion and personal expertise to land the job in your name. Startups will choose the one who prefers to go beyond the boundaries. They have an intense working environment. You should have the passion to work every now and then.

How to prepare the best resume

While applying for startups, you do not need to add every detail. Instead, highlight the things that will impress your recruiter. Understand their business goals and requirements and then you should decide which things you should add to your resume. Startups are not going to hire 100 or more persons. They will hire only one.

The process will be top when many applicants will be there for the same post. As they will not have the resource and time to train the employees, they will ensure that the employee will be able to work efficiently from the day one itself. They will hire the one who has the perfect blend of expertise, experience, passion, and positivity. The employee should reflect the personality and goal of their company. In addition to the above, you need to have a fluency in their crazy native language.


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