The 5 Worst CV Mistakes You Can Make


Perfecting your CV should always be the first step on your job-hunting checklist and it is one of the most important. Certain CV mistakes could see your applications being dumped in the reject pile, costing you the role that you want.

In his new book, ‘The 7 Second CV: How to Land the Interview’, James Reed reveals the CV mistakes that could be the most damaging to your job search:

1. A lack of relevant work history

If you’re looking to move jobs but have no relevant experience, it’s highly unlikely that your application will be taken forward. The only roles where you may get away with not having any relevant experience is with entry-level jobs. However, even with these, you may face competition from candidates with relevant experience.

2. Spelling mistakes

No employer will want to hire someone with no attention to detail. Once you have finished updating your CV you should proofread it and proofread it again. If you can get a friend or family member to check your CV as well that should help you eliminate any errors.

You can also use a free proofreading tool like this one.

3. Job-hopping

If you have moved jobs a lot in the past this suggests to an employer that if they hire you, you aren’t likely to stay for long. If you have been promoted within a company, you can include this on your CV but keep your job titles under the same heading, so it doesn’t look like you have moved companies.

4. Not enough information

While your CV shouldn’t be longer than two pages, you should ensure it includes enough information to show the hiring manager that you are the perfect person for their job. Don’t leave them guessing, instead highlight all the relevant skills, experience and personality traits that you have that matches the requirements on their job advert.

5. Poor visual layout

Hiring managers have a lot of CVs to read and more often than not they will skim it first for relevant information and if it looks good, they will read it in more depth. If your CV is not well-formatted it is unlikely to get a second glance.

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Bringing it all together

Avoiding mistakes like these could be the difference between being invited to a job interview or not. If you can get these errors in check and effectively highlight your strengths and relevant experience, you’ll be much more successful in your job search. Good luck!



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