What Employers Look for in a Candidate, Besides a Great CV


Forget polishing your CV. for a moment and think about some of the other qualities your next employer might require. Your CV will tell a prospective employer everything they need to know about your knowledge and experience and a little about your extra-curricular activities. However, it won’t always tell them why you’re the best possible fit for the position, or what you can bring to the role above and beyond any of the other candidates. The interview is your time to shine and demonstrate why you’re perfect for your dream position. During this process, most prospective employers will look for these traits:

Personality, people skills and communication

Unless your dream is to work alone, in business for yourself, there’s a good chance that when seeking employment you’re going to need people skills, and the ability to delegate, communicate and reason. Prospective employers will be looking for candidates to bring positivity, personality and energy to the role, with a can-do attitude to boot. It will also help to be self-motivated, with some leadership experience when it comes to inspiring others.

Integrity and trustworthiness

Employers will look for the candidates they can believe and trust in, as well as those that are honest in their abilities. There’s little point claiming to be something you’re not, as your character is bound to show itself sooner or later. Employers will also be looking for somebody loyal and dedicated to the role. They may well ask you to undertake regular workplace drug and alcohol testing as part of your new position. That will be as much a part of company dependability as it is health, safety and accountability.

Competence and courage

Have confidence in your abilities, and own that confidence. Employers appreciate courage in conviction and decisive action, as they instil confidence in others. What does your professional reputation say about you? Employers will be looking for credible candidates, with a proven track record.

Adaptability and flexibility

Are you happy to expand upon your role and incorporate other tasks? Can you think quickly on your feet, even when faced with something new? If so, you’re likely to have the edge over others. The ability to adapt and a willingness to be flexible are crucial across industries and demonstrate a candidate who’s willing to learn, eager to please and passionate about the job.

Creativity and problem solving

Potential employers value creativity since its application proves that you’re not afraid to think outside the box. You’re happy to be challenged, and love getting stuck into every part of your job. There’s a chance your role will rely upon boundless creativity, too. Problem solving and logic demonstrate your ability to get the best out of your job, and will no doubt come in handy. Employers lookout for those confident enough to manage different responsibilities, as well as the technical skills pertaining to their positions.

There are plenty of ways to improve your job prospects, least of all polishing your CV so that it makes the best possible first impression. However, if you’re to stand out above the crowd and really ‘wow’ employers, you must be able to show the qualities above and a whole lot more. Securing a job isn’t just about having a flashy CV, but also being able to bring a multitude of skills and personality traits to the table. Remember, the employer wants to get to know you, not the person on paper – and that’s how you’ll secure your dream job.


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