What to Take to a Job Interview – 8 Essential Items


Job interviews are the final hurdle in the job hunting process so it’s extremely important to be fully prepared.

Researching the company and role thoroughly will provide a huge advantage for any candidate, but it’s also vital that you equip yourself properly when attending a job interview.

Do you still need to take a printed copy of your CV with you in 2016? Should you have some questions prepared?

StandOut CV have created this handy infographic to show the 8 interview essential items that you should take with you to every job interview you attend if you want to be organised and professional.

What to take to an interview

Here’s what to take to a job interview:

  1. Copies of your CV
  2. A smart folder of bag
  3. A pen and notepad
  4. Some pre-prepared questions
  5. The job description
  6. The interview details
  7. Relevant certificates
  8. Examples of your work

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