How to Answer ‘Why Do You Want This Job?’ in an Interview


‘Why do you want this job?’ is one of a number of common interview questions that is very likely to come up in any job interview you attend. So make sure you’re ready for it!

When attending a job interview, it is always important to tell and show your interviewer that you want the job. It sounds obvious, but many candidates lose sight of this fact when they’re feeling nervous and under pressure.

If this job interview question pops up, it’s the perfect time to explain why the job is perfect for you. Think about it from two angles:

  1. Why do you want to work for the company?
  2. What interests you about the role?

You could probably talk for ages about all the reasons why the role and company are right for you covering your personality, career ambitions and previous experiences. However, when answering this question, it is important to deliver a well-structured and convincing response. Here’s how:

Start your interview answer by showing your enthusiasm for the company

This is where your company research should come into play. Knowing plenty about a company and working your knowledge into your answer is a sure way to impress your interviewer. However, you must do more than simply looking at the company website. You may also want to consider:

  • Looking on their social media
  • Visiting online review sites and other sources of information
  • Media coverage
  • Visiting one of their locations
  • Having a conversation with one of their employees

Having researched the company, pick out the aspects of the company that really appeal to you and align with your values and goals. These may include things like:

  • The company’s reputation
  • How they conduct business
  • Enthusiasm for their products or services
  • Awards they have won
  • The company culture and values
  • Their success and position in the market

Don’t, however, just get bogged down with facts. The key here is to present what you know with enthusiasm. You’ll need to convince your interviewer that you will be a good fit in and enjoy your time working for their company.

Explain why you are right for the role

What skills and experience do you have that match up well with this role? What are the main aspects of the role that really excite you? Use the job description to establish what the required and desirable skills are and choose a few of the most important ones to talk about.

This part of your pitch should only be relatively short as you will have plenty of opportunities to go into more details about your skills and past positions throughout the interview.

Round off by talking about your career goals

What is your vision for your career? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? (another question you should prepare for) Your interviewer will want to hear about your career plans and how this role and company fits in with those.

You should ensure that you don’t make this position sound like just a stepping stone for you. Employers want to hire people that will be with them for the long term because employees are a big investment for them. Therefore, you should highlight how you see yourself progressing and developing your skill sets within their company.

TOP TIP: If you are just commencing your career don’t get too ahead of yourself when it comes to your career goals. If you say you want to be a company director in 5 years, while this shows your ambition it may also suggest that you aren’t commercially aware or realistic about your goals.

The bottom line is if you can cover these three areas in your answer, then you’re sure to make a great impression on hiring managers. Remember, it’s about conveying your enthusiasm, showing you have the right skills and years of experience and that the role is a great fit for you. They don’t need to know your life story, just a well thought out and well-structured good answer.

You’ll know you’ve done a great job when an offer lands on the table.

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