3 Businesses You Can Start on Your Own


The idea of owning a business that you run on your own doesn’t have to be a dream, you can make it a reality with a few steps in the right direction. Planning is an important part of getting your little blossom of an idea to bloom into a business. Add in passion and dedication and you can make working for yourself a dream come true. Here are 3 businesses you can start on your own or maybe with a little help.

Freelance Graphics Designer

If you have the skills to create wonderful pieces of art and design stunning graphics and characters, a career in graphic design could be for you. The initial investment is low and it might include software you already own. By using your current skills and implementing them into the digital world, you can create logos for businesses, artwork for book covers or children’s books and content for websites.

Allow the talents you have honed over time help you make a career. The benefits of being a freelance graphic designer include working from home, setting your own hours and the ability to choose your own clients.

Since your freelance graphics design career heavily depends on you having digital work, organizing your files and having the ability to quickly access ideas should be at the forefront of your business plan. Implementing a note taking app will help you distribute your content from device to device without hassle. Being able to start a project on your tablet and complete it on your laptop or desktop computer, gives you much-needed freedom when working digitally.

Another Freelance Career, Writing

First and foremost, a writing career is not for everyone. Even if you think you have an excellent grasp of the language you tend to write in, it might not be for you. That being said, it can be an excellent source of income. Finding a fruitful gig can take some time but if you’re willing to give it a fair shake, you can make enough money to pay your bills.

A freelance writing career is a business you can start on your own and possibly grow from there to include additional writers in the future. This field requires you to have a good sense of accountability as clients depend on you to have your work done in a set time frame. Reputation is everything. Being dependable and providing quality content is your goal and if you feel you are capable of these things, a full or part-time career as a freelance writer could be right for you.

Making Food on the Go

Of the three choices here, this business idea will cost the most to start up but the figures aren’t astronomical in any sense. The business plan…a food truck. If you love cooking and you’ve dreamt of owning a place of your own to make delicious food for one and all, a food truck could be your best bet with limited finances.

Owning and running a business like this takes hard work and dedication but if you love it, it’s not work at all. Plus, it’s a business you can run primarily on your own with a little help in the kitchen.

Your biggest investment will lie in the acquisition of a truck in which to create your delectable menu. Next, you’ll have to decide on what kitchen appliances you require to cook, keep ingredients properly stored and such. Then there are the legal aspects of obtaining various permits including food handlers, health, safety and business licenses. With all of that out of the way, you can focus on your menu and the items you’ll offer to customers.

Staying true to yourself and your cooking roots will allow you to provide people with food that is close to your heart and it’ll show in the product. So, even though this is the most expensive of the careers you can start on your own, it’s still a viable option especially if you enjoy everything that comes with cooking or baking.

Make your dreams come true and set forth a plan to become a freelance graphics designer, writer or cook on the go. Because there’s no time like the present to get started on fulfilling your dreams and making them a reality.


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