2 Ways Call Centre Software Boosts Employee Engagement


Over the last decade, contact centre software has undoubtedly evolved. Gone are the days where these solutions could only help you manage call flow. Fast forward to today, and high-quality call centre programs also boast workforce management tools. Never have these features been so imperative to the successful running of enterprise-level businesses.

Call centres suffer from pretty high turnover rates, on average between 30 and 45 percent. As any manager will tell you, this isn’t good for morale, productivity or your bottom line. So, boosting employee engagement is of paramount importance.

With that in mind, here are two hallmarks to look for when purchasing high-quality call centre software.

Optimised Scheduling

Nothing impacts staff morale more than either being so busy that employees don’t have time to think straight, or work being so slow that the day feels never-ending. That’s why scheduling the optimum number of employees with the right skills at any one time is so important.

premium contact centre software will monitor the volume of customer interaction and note the ebb and flow of inquiries throughout the day. It’s through following these patterns that the solution can help you schedule your staff more efficiently.

These programs don’t just focus on voice calls; they also take note of multi-session chats, emails and social media messages. In addition to that, some call centre programs also provide employees with mobile access to their work schedules. That way, your customer support agents and supervisors can swap their shifts to best suit their lifestyles.

So, keep staff happy by providing an effortless and efficient way for them to work the hours that best suit them. It stands to reason, when people gladly to come to work, you’ll see a boost in engagement. You’ll need a mobile-friendly solution that centralises all of the following information:

  • The employee’s schedule (days and hours per week, shift lengths, start/stop times, workday patterns and lunch/break preferences, etc.).
  • The timetables of the employee’s teammates.
  • The ability to send agents notifications via email, SMS and mobile push. This empowers you to ensure you and your team are always on the same page.

Provide Employees With an Easy-to-Use Interface

Nothing frustrates call centre employees more than having to navigate overly complicated software. That’s why providing staff with a sleek and intuitive interface is so vital for keeping them engaged with their work. Here are some features of an easy-to-use design:

  • An uncluttered dashboard based on simple-looking icons and widgets.
  • Responsive design so you can access the software from the convenience of any device.
  • An interface that’s supported by all major web browsers.

The Key Takeaway

Boosting employee engagement amidst call centre staff doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It just comes down to buying and using the optimum call centre software. Namely, a program that provides the tools you need to optimise the scheduling of your workers and an interface that employees can use quickly and easily.


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