What Checks Should You Be Making Before Hiring A New Employee?


An organization’s employee is a walking embodiment of that organization in terms of character, leadership, and culture. They are usually viewed as a reflection of that organization. For this reason, hiring new employees is one of the core businesses of many organizations as they seek to recruit individuals who will be able to live up to the company’s reputation, culture, and aspirations, among others. Therefore, the recruitment process should be made as rigorous as possible to sieve the large pool of applicants and get the right match for the organization. This calls for extensive screening processes which usually help recruiters to get a better understanding of the prospective employees by doing a variety of relevant checks. Discussed below are some of the checks that you should do while screening your employees:

Credit checks of applicants

Though this may be considered intrusive by some quarters, having an idea of the credit fidelity of your prospective employee is just an important factor to consider during your assessment. Most companies are running credit checks on both current and prospective employees to try to gauge their financial awareness through credit reports and other financial data. Ideally, individuals who have better money management skills make better employees as opposed to those who are constantly in debt and are always looking to borrow money. Therefore, when an employee or prospective employee has bad credit, this should be considered as an early warning sign. However, this should not be used as a reason for disqualification or discontinuation. Rather, they should be given a chance to speak out for themselves and explain the situation so that there are no misunderstandings. You may be surprised to realize that some of the best employees have bad credit records not because they are spendthrift or poor money managers but because certain valid circumstances have pushed them towards that direction.

Verification of stated employment history

Knowing the validity of the employment history details helps to better understand a job applicant. Not only does it give you a clear clue regarding the honesty or lack thereof of the person in question, but it also helps you to gauge the employability of the person based on various factors depending on the company. Moreover, getting in touch with their former employers and understanding how and why they left or were terminated helps you to get a broader understanding of the person in question. The employment history verification process helps you to have an idea of the character and general demeanour of the person in question. However, conducting background checks may not be as easy as they sound since they may involve a lot of moving around and interact with various people from different places. For this reason, it is probably a good idea to outsource this part of the assessment process to a professional firm that is specialized in offering such services. Luckily, such professional firms such as national police check Australia are easily accessible and offer their professional services at reasonable prices.  

Alcohol and drug tests

Alcohol consumption and drug intake can define who a person is and what they are capable of doing. This is a critical part of the interview process that cannot be overlooked. Through alcohol and drug tests, you can identify the various type of applicants in the application pool and use this information to make an informed choice based on company policies. More often than not, people with a bad history of drug and alcohol abuse are not ideal for employment to various job positions because of the risk they pose to both the business and colleagues.

Comprehensive background checks

Depending on the location of your company, the laws may vary in terms of the level of access to criminal records of job seekers at your establishment. However, you should endeavour to know the criminal history of your prospective employees so that you know the calibre of people that you are dealing with. However, as has already been stated, you should not use this decision as to the primary reason for eliminating various applicants. You may be surprised that even those employees with bad criminal records have been victims of discrimination based on various factors and did not deserve any of the offences labelled against them.  

Employment Verification

As part of the screening process, it is important to determine if the prospective employees are legally allowed to work in the country for which you are offering the job. This saves you from wasting time and energy in the sieving process and also ensures that you abide by the law of the land thereby avoiding problems with authorities.  


Job placements are one of the most crucial parts of sustaining your business. However, you need to recruit the right individuals who will maintain the culture, organization and uphold the reputation of your company. For this reason, you can work with reputable companies such as national police check Australia to conduct the necessary checks that are efficiently required for successful recruitments.


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