Clever Motorhome-Based Business Ideas to Try


Making money on the road is an excellent plan for those who want to live their life on it. Not only will you travel to beautiful destinations, but you could also work in the comfort of your motorhome. Travelling and earning? That sounds like a lot of fun because you get to hit two birds with one stone!

8 Motorhome-Based Business Ideas

Most of the time, the challenging part of starting your own business is not knowing what kind of business you want to start. To help you decide, here are business ideas you may want to try with a motorhome :

Video Production

As a video producer, you need to bring your film equipment everywhere you go. This will be easier since you own a motorhome. On top of that, you get to go to beautiful destinations as requested by your clients. Furthermore, you can choose to specialize in wedding videos, documentaries, promotional videos, marketing videos, and the like.

App and/or Software Development

If you are good at modern technology, being an app and/or software developer is the right business for you. You can efficiently run this kind of business in the comfort of your motorhome. However, you will need an internet connection and a suitable computer.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant acts like a regular office secretary. However, you can get to work from home (in this case, your motorhome). Moreover, as a virtual assistant, you will have to make phone calls, write emails, promote your client’s business, and any other secretary work.

Freelance Writer

If you have a computer and internet access, you can choose to become a freelance writer. You can use your writing skills to write e-books, articles, memos, business papers, proposals, essays, and the like for clients worldwide.


You can also choose to run your own blog. You will probably make money from affiliate marketing, ad revenue, and any other stuff you choose to link to your blog. Moreover, you can write anything in your blog, including your motorhome travel adventures.

Mobile Pet Grooming

If you are fond of cats and dogs, you can transform your motorhome into a mobile pet grooming shop. Clients won’t have to transport their pets to you, and instead, you go to them. It is convenient for clients and will be less stressful for pets.

Mobile Beauty Salon

Turning your motorhome into a mobile beauty salon is an excellent option for those who have a cosmetology license. Renting a place to start up your salon can be very expensive. With a mobile beauty salon, you can travel and make money. However, you need to have unlimited access to water and all the other necessities you need.

Food Truck

If you have a passion for cooking, consider turning your motorhome into a food truck. You get to do what you love as well as live your life on wheels. However, it is vital to know that you need to abide by food safety rules and regulations in whichever destination you plan to start your business.

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Motorhome-Based Business

If you are still hesitant about starting a motorhome-based business, here are good reasons why you should go for it:

It Can Let You Work From Anywhere

The business ideas listed above are very flexible. You can travel and work at the same time. For some, it would be a dream come true.

It Offers a Change of Scenery

If you have a business on the road, you won’t have to commute going to the office anymore. Moreover, you can go to beautiful destinations at any time you want. You get to live the life you want and earn from it.

It Can Have a Cheap Start-Up Cost

If you already have a motorhome, you will only do some minor renovations to fit your chosen business. If you compare your motorhome renovation to renting an office space for your business, you will find out that a motorhome-based business is more affordable.

Financing Tips

Thinking of getting a motorhome? Here are the tips you should consider:

Set a Budget

It is vital to set a budget to be aware of your limits (financially speaking). There are several factors that can affect your budget. One is the type of motorhome you like to buy. Another would be the repayment terms of the loan you want to get to finance your vehicle. Moreover, it is essential not to exceed your budget. That way, you won’t be deeper in debt.

Prepare a Downpayment

Aside from setting a budget, it would help if you also prepared a downpayment. Most of the time, lenders will require you to pay a downpayment. The larger your down payment is, the lower your monthly loan repayment will be.

Check your Credit Score

A good credit score can get you the best loan deals, which means low-interest rates and convenient repayment terms. It will help if you check your credit score right away to know its current status. If you have a low credit score, you can take time to rebuild it and boost your credit until it reaches a good status.

Choose What Type of Loan To Get

You can either decide on getting a secured loan or an unsecured one. The significant difference between the two is collateral. A secured loan will require you to pledge collateral (in some cases, it is the motorhome you want to buy). On the other hand, an unsecured loan doesn’t need any collateral to get approved for a loan.

Shop Around for Lenders

To know more about what type of loan to get, you can easily shop around for lenders. Banks, credit unions, and online lenders, such as My Financing USA, can help you with that. Moreover, even motorhome dealers offer ways of financing your motorhome.

Learn to Negotiate

It will help if you know how to haggle. Motorhome dealerships will expect it from you. Moreover, it can also help you save some money.


Always remember that starting your own business comes with risks. Hence, it is vital to plan it well. Moreover, make sure your business is legal everywhere you are since you will frequently be travelling in your motorhome.

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