How To Design The Perfect Logo For Your Brand


A logo is one of the factors that impact significantly on the performance and success of your brand. It is often overlooked, often envisioned not to matter. The wrong logo, in most cases, can depict your brand as being unprofessional and lame, that is if your brand was noticed at all. If you must make an unforgettable first impression, your logo is a place to start.

Here is how you can design a perfect logo for your brand

1. Make it unique

Creating a unique logo can seem like an impossible task, but it is very much possible. With any logo proposition, ensure to check against other logos to eliminate any similarities. Make sure that your logo is not accidentally infringing on other trademarks as it can obliterate your business before you even start.

Once you have gotten that perfect logo that suits your brand, protect it with a trademark immediately. Although it will cost you a few bucks, it is worth it.

2. Mind your colors

Colors are a whole new field of its own. The feelings, messages, and emotions which they convey are always different in terms of color. Before you use any color for your logo design, first discover the psychological meaning of each color. It will help you to apply them for the best result effectively. Studies have shown that orange encourages people to click, whereas red comes second in that regard. When designing your logo, incorporate colors which you feel is very relevant to your brand.

3. Think simplicity

Take a look at major brands and observe one thing in common. They all are designed in a simple manner that doesn’t complicate or hinder the impression of the logo. Simplicity is key to developing an awesome looking logo for your brand. It doesn’t have to be cluttered with lots of designs and fancies. The simpler, the better. Simplicity sells because that is what people will remember.

4. Time will tell

You might not necessarily get the ideal logo at once. Your logo can evolve with time until it has reached its peak. An excellent example is NIKE. The brand’s evolvement is a source of motivation to brand creators. They are proof that the brand logo might not be gotten at the spot, but that it can evolve as the brand progresses.

5. Public testing

You can never be sure how your target market will react to your logo. Assuming you already have a logo in mind, approach your target market and show them the various logo designs. The feedback will guide in creating the perfect logo design for your business.

6. Use an easy software

If you want to design the perfect logo for your brand, you need a platform that is easy to use and that will get the job done right; luckily there are many tools that can help us with this. One of my favorite tools you can use is Placeit, not only can you create your logo there, but also you can make your branding assets as well, such as videos, mockups, and designs.

There are lots of tips and ideas when it comes to designing the perfect logo for your brand or business. If on the other hand, you aren’t confident in your ability, you can always hire a professional designer who understands your company and idea.


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