Effective Employee Retention Strategies That Work


While the main goal of a business is to make money and provide a great product or service, there are other things that worry these organizations, too. Chief among them is how to successfully retain good employees. After all, an organization is only as good as the people who work for it.

Not only is losing a coveted employee a setback in terms of productivity, it also means you will have to start fresh and potentially spend a pretty penny on hiring someone new. In order to prevent that from happening too frequently, you should be sure to use effective employee retention strategies at your company.

This article is going to take a closer look at a few proven (and relatively simple to implement) employee retention strategies.

Be Sure to Match Expectations and Responsibilities with Rewards

One of the most importat things to employees is how much they earn, of course. In fact, some studies have shown that nearly half of those who leave a job do so because they’re unhappy with the salary. If what they earn and how much they are rewarded doesn’t match their expectations based on their responsibilities, they will likely begin to look elsewhere.

However, this isn’t only about monetary compensation, either. People want their efforts to be recognized and like to know their work is contributing to the overall goals of the company. All in all, matching expectations and responsibilities with rewards is a good way to keep people loyal to your company.

Keep Current in Terms of Technology

Nowadays, nearly every company uses technology in some way and many even rely heavily on some form of technology. Many companies use social media to market their product and help individuals connect to their brand, and rely on project management apps to keep everyone on the same page.

In addition to that, certain industries will use technologies like app development tools, monitoring software and IDEs, all which are constantly getting new features and getting updated as new innovations take place. Even things such as scheduling and time management can benefit from new technology (such as the solutions offered by https://www.humanity.com). In fact, 80% of companies claim to use a calendar or some other kind of time management app.

This technology can save employees a ton of time and can save your company some money as well. If your company isn’t using the cutting edge technology in your industry, there is a good chance your employees might decide to make the move to a company that is.

Utilize a Quality Onboarding Process

From the start, your employees should be set up for success and you should already be making strides to create loyal employees and improve your retention efforts. A great way to do this is to create and use a high quality onboarding process. You should not only teach new staff members their role and duties, but also things like company culture, how they can succeed, potential growth opportunities and more.

In fact, experts believe that the onboarding experience that a new employee has can actually be incredibly important for retention of employees. Good onboarding and orientation can also help optimize employee performance, get them comfortable and allow for a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Offer a Comfortable Work-Life Balance

The modern world, at least professionally, is an incredibly competitive place. Many of us work incredibly hard to prove our value to our companies, often for well over 40 hours a week. Add on things like commuting, eating, eating and more, and many of us simply don’t have a lot of time for us.

As a result, the idea of a comfortable work/life balance is increasingly important. Without it, people can get burned out and their performance will suffer. Not only that, but if an employee believes a company doesn’t support a healthy work/life balance, they are more likely to leave.

In conclusion, these are 4 proven ways to retain employees, so if you don’t already utilize them at your company, you should consider starting.


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