Everything There Is To Know About Engineering Recruitment


Human resource as a field is divided into four equally important sections. Training and development focuses on the improvement of the employees. Compensation and benefits aims to give the right salary to the employee based on their job descriptions. They are also responsible for designing a job package for the applicant as well as handling government mandated benefits. Employee and Labor Relations are concerned with the welfare of the employees and the implementation of the rules and regulations for the whole company. All of these though would not even start working without the first in this process: Recruitment and selection.

So What Is Recruitment & Selection Anyway?

Recruitment and selection, to put it simply, is looking for potential employees who have the skills, expertise and experience the company needs for a certain position. They must be able to imbibe the company values and stay loyal to the company. In a perfect scenario this might always be the case, but the recruitment sector works hard to keep it that way. There are a lot of nuances that you need to understand before finding the right employee and it can be a long process. It is also involved with creating ads that would entice someone to apply to your company and attract the best applicants. Read more about this here.

As mentioned before, all of these is easier said than done. As human resource specialist, we must also balance the interests of the company with the employee’s interest. If we favour one over the other, then it will be trouble for the entire department. Even though we understand that the company comes first before anything, it is the people that keep the company going. Human resource experts face this dilemma every day and it starts with recruiting new applicants.

It is even far more difficult to find someone who has a niche type of expertise. For example, you are working for an engineering firm but you have been a human resource expert all your life. All of the other companies you’ve worked for beforehand were far from engineering. However, the company hired you because of your expertise in that certain field. Then the recruitment process starts, and you are bombarded with all of the information about the vacant positions. You don’t even know a thing or two about engineering concepts, but you need to hire one who has the best experience. Learn more about this here: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-are-job-specific-skills-2063755.

How Would You Choose?

Naturally, you will assess the resume or curriculum vitae before even facing the applicant. Next, psychological and skills testing will be given. If he or she passes, then it is time for the initial interview most probably with the HR. A series of interviews later and he will land his final interview on his future superior. This is how most hiring processes go, and you know that it takes so much time. The process of finding someone is already stressing especially in the engineering field. Sure, there are a lot of engineering graduates, but not everyone can fill in a single role.

For this one, why not try hiring a data recruitment agency?

Think about it, as hiring this type of agency will actually help you find the best engineers in your area. Sites like CBSbutler engineering recruitment acts like a scout for your needs for engineering personnel. They can focus on the expertise of the person, years of experience and even the kinds of experience this person has accumulated in his career. One of the best advantages of hiring these websites for your recruitment service is their focused finding process.

Let’s say you are looking for a chemical engineer. If you do recruitment the traditional way, you would post the ad online and hope that someone will respond to the ad. While waiting, what will you do then? This creates a void that would just be filled in by waiting and waiting until the resumes arrive. Then, you realized that these applications were not for chemical engineers so you sort them out and hope for the best. This takes so much time and in any business, time lost is equal to money lost. It is important to maximize your time as a human resource expert to get everything done impeccably in a shorter time period.


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