10 Fun Facts About Discord


Since its release in 2015, millions of people have been enjoying using Discord. Its purpose is to communicate with other people. This is made for gamers who would like to have a platform to chat, video call, and send voice chats with fellow gamers. Though most servers are related to gaming, a lot of niche servers can also be found. For some, this app is a dream come true because of its user interface and flexibility. People can access Discord through the web browser or via the app. If you’re curious about more Discord facts, then you’re in the right place! 

The name Discord has no special meaning 

Some businesses took the time to think about their business names. Yet, the creators of Discord thought that the name ‘Discord’ is just appealing to hear. Well, they were not wrong! Discord has come a long way and got positive feedback from the community. As of the moment, the company’s value is now around $2.5 billion and is continuously growing. 

The first Discord bot to reach 1 million servers is a music bot

This was achieved in March 2018. Rhythm, a bot that is specifically made to provide high-quality music streaming in Discord, was the first bot to hit 1 million servers. To put it into perspective, Rhythm receives around 200 commands per second. That’s 12,000 commands per minute! You may listen to your YouTube playlist, SoundCloud, Twitch, and even has a lyrics feature. As of writing, Rhythm serves around 8 million Discord servers. The user interface is easy to use, making it popular for users. Other famous Discord servers are Fortnite, PUBG, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Vainglory. 

Discord has over 750 verified servers

Topics of Discord servers vary. From gaming to cryptocurrency, you’ll surely find a niche server where you’ll find like-minded people. There are over 250 million active Discord users around the globe. Billions of messages were exchanged per month. 

You can learn about stocks in Discord 

For those who are into ‘adulting stuff,’ Discord is another great app to get updates about the stock market. Discord servers can help you find and meet other investors. Some trading Discord servers that you can join are r.StockMarket, r/WeedStocks, Daytrading, and Hashtag Investing. 

You can make money on Discord

There are several ways on how to monetize a Discord server. Some Discord niche servers are reserved for paying members. Some even have Patreon accounts, where Discord fans can send over tips. You may also get sponsorships from businesses that might be interested and are related to the server. Discord has also created a Donate bot so fans can donate and send money in exchange for server roles. Some Discord servers have paid features. There are many ways on how to make money on Discord if you are creative enough. 

Get an unlimited supply of memes from Discord

If you’re looking for a good stash of memes, then there are dedicated servers for that. If you want to up your meme game, you may visit servers like Dank Meme Support and MemeCord. You may download files from Discord. You may also exchange files in different formats like mp4, .pdf, .png, .jpeg, and .docs. 

Discord communities are vocal about societal issues 

The Discord team makes sure that each one of its users is safe from violence, harm, and hate speech. Support groups are also famous on Discord. Servers like Spectrum, Gaymers, and Gay Geeks provide safe spaces for queers and allies. Recently, the Discord community launched an annual Pride fundraiser. Proceeds will go to queer organizations as a form of support. 

Discord also created a task force to use the platform to promote justice, combat discrimination, and committing to diversify its team. This is Discord’s initial step to combat racism. 

Discord used to have a Pokemon bot 

If you are an avid fan of Pokemon, then you might have heard about the Pokecord bot on Discord. Pokekord allows users to trade, battle, and collect Pokemon. Sadly, Pokekord was recently removed because creators couldn’t keep up with the demands. The creator also moved on to other projects. This news saddened millions of users and fans. 

Discord is against paid advertisements

This is one reason many people switch to Discord. You can enjoy all the features of Discord without those pesky ads interrupting. Discord doesn’t sell its user data. Discord gets its revenue from partnerships, selling company merch, and paid features. 

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These are just some Discord fun facts. As a growing startup business, we have look forward to more Discord features and servers.


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