5 Hobbies That Can Help You Be A Better Leader


People who want to move up the corporate ladder and earn a better position and a higher income usually spend every waking moment at the office. Ironically, working all the time and not taking a break can make you feel exhausted, stressed and make you lose focus.

If you want to ensure you’ll make the right choices and refresh your ability to concentrate throughout the day, you need to give your brain that well-deserved rest. Taking on a hobby will not only let you achieve a balance in your life but will also teach you valuable business skills such as patience and creativity and help you become a better leader. If you are out of ideas and you have no idea what type of hobby would be ideal for you, check out the following selection of pastimes that won’t break the bank.

1. Yoga

If you want to be a great leader you need to have a clear mind in order to focus easily and make good decisions. Yoga has the power to relieve stress and decrease anxiety while increasing self-awareness, energy levels, focus, and emotional stability. If you want a hobby that won’t empty your pockets, yoga is the best choice. You can sign up for a class or check out the videos on YouTube where you will find some excellent pointers. It can be a group activity, or you can practice it on your own. All you need for a good yoga session is a mat and you are good to go. Keep in mind that you will probably struggle with some of the poses at first, but the more you practice, the better you will respond to the exercises. 

2. Learn a musical instrument

Maybe you wanted to become a rock star when you were younger, but instead your life went in a different direction. Well, now learning to play the guitar or some other instrument can benefit your career and help you be a better leader. Music will improve your listening skills and boost your self-discipline. If you decide to play with other people, you will also get a sense of collaboration. Aside from buying the instrument, this hobby won’t cost you a penny. 

3. Volunteer

When someone mentions they have a hobby, volunteering is not the first thing that comes to our mind. However, this activity offers many benefits, from helping others and doing something great for your community, to improving your networking skills and giving you a sense of achievement and empowerment.  Volunteering can improve your overall well-being, boost your confidence and give you a wider perspective of the world. The best thing about volunteering is that you will only have to invest your time, nothing else. 

4. Play a sport

Engaging in physical activity can help you blow off steam and take your mind off the stress at work. Therefore, consider playing competitive team sports such as football, tennis or volleyball. If golf is your game of choice, you can improve your game with these simple exercise routines for golfers. Keep in mind that athletes have skills great leaders should possess, such as the ability to manage their time well, communicate effectively and work hard. Therefore, a game or two every now and then can help you become much better at your job as well as provide a necessary breather.

5. Creative writing

Do you want to find your voice and be able to express yourself with ease? Then grab a pen and a piece of paper (or your laptop) and start writing! It can be poetry, short stories, a blog, or a novel, whatever gives you pleasure and boosts your creativity. Who knows, maybe one day you will realize that you wrote something worth publishing. 

A hobby is not just a way to kill time. If you choose wisely, it can be your outlet, your teacher and your best ally. A hobby can clear your mind, help you de-stress and greatly improve your leadership skills, so give it a shot. 


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