Pro Tips on How to Make it in the Music Industry Today


The music industry has its challenges and making it has for a long time been a problem with most musicians opting to drop out when they were on the brink of success. The industry is filled with plenty of artists, all eyeing for gigs and attention. As an artist, it’s a challenge having to go through personal hardships, lack of money and rejection from promoters. However, making it in the music industry is currently more relaxed than before; all you need is the right attitude, your music talent, making the right decisions and persistence. Here are some pro tips that you should incorporate in your daily routine to make it in the music industry.

1. Pick the Right Message for your Audience

Most musicians are talented, but to be unique, you need to focus on your message and how you portray yourself to the world. The freedom of expression is a huge success factor, and it’s important to note that some talented artists have lost their fans and media presence due to poor content. Ensure that your music targets a specific audience and that it addresses the issues facing your audience. To be a great singer, you have to fuse messages with talent. 

2. Use Online Platforms to Promote your Music

It would help if you sold your brand out there, and online platforms are one of the best media outlets to promote your music. Pick the right channels to air your music, and besides that, you should have an active presence on websites and social media platforms. Create an online playlist or join Spotify, an online service provider that exposes your music to millions of fans using organic playlist promotion. Besides, find an online PlaylistStreams that helps artists gain real streams through organic marketing and one that guarantees the placement on active playlists with real-time listeners. 

3. Pick the Right Inner Circle

As you progress in your career, you will come across numerous people with different characters. Some will despise your music while others will appreciate your efforts. You will find yourself in need of criticism; therefore, you wouldn’t want people who compliment you all the time. Look for friends who offer honest feedback and avoid those who flatter you all the time. Your career will benefit from legitimate criticism as opposed to shallow opinions.

4. Learn to Make Music on Your Own

Record studios are a thing of the past; therefore, any artist yearning to make it in the industry should learn to produce their music. You stand a higher chance to succeed in the industry if you produce your music, although this could take a while. If you are passionate about music, the cost of purchasing the instruments shouldn’t be an issue. Besides, most of the recording equipment is affordable and accessible; therefore, you can have a studio in your apartment. 

5. Control Yourself

Most beginners tend to struggle with their music career, and some make a mistake of signing a deal with a produce or music promoter. Be calm and consider all your options before you make any hasty decision. Some sponsors and music producers will take advantage of your naivety and speedy decision-making process, and as a result, they will end up controlling your music career. Create your album, book your shows and if possible, produce your records. As time goes by, the right producers, promoters and managers will reveal themselves and only then can you sign an agreement. 

6. Create Music Connections

Your reputation matters a lot, and as you progress in your career, it would be best to build connections with all stakeholders in the industry. You can’t satisfy everyone, but always ensure that you maintain your reputation all the time. You will attend numerous gigs where you will disagree with promoters and sometimes you might meet untrustworthy music producers. You need friends to make it in the industry; therefore, don’t despise anyone but instead build an honest reputation.

7. Market your Music Offline

Some of your target markets are offline, therefore, reach out to them using radio channels. Request local DJs to play your records, and once the audience loves your music, radio and Television stations will follow suit and air your music. Besides, establish some air time by playing live sets and participating in interviews. Request for local radio station interviews since this will expose you to the market. The interview sessions will bring you closer to your audience since they get to relate with you as a person; not as an artist.

As stated earlier, the music industry has its challenges, but you should remain firm and never lose hope. To succeed in the industry, you need to consider the above tips, and you should be proactive as you progress in your career. Some people will try and pull you down, but in such situations, remember why you started the profession and most importantly, keep up with the hard work. 


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