Pedram Zohrevand’s Tips for Successful Engineering Projects


Civil engineering works are among the typologies that describe the demands between construction companies and engineering. The term terms to infrastructure developments that have a general use for society.

However, implementing civil engineering projects involve many complexities according to notable engineer Pedram Zohrevand. That is why you must be very clear about the process that needs to be followed. Today, we are offering you a series of useful tips from Pedram Zohrevand to help you conduct a successful civil engineering project.

1. Determine and understand what the customer needs are

Once your company has a civil engineering project, the first thing that you need to do is understand precisely what the client needs along with what the motivation or need for the project is. That way during the later phases of the project you will be able to provide the most personalized or custom solution to your client.

2. Analyze

After you are clear on what your client’s needs are, the project’s feasibility needs to be analyzed on the operational, economic, and technical levels. That will enable you to get a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of the work that will be conducted. Also, the project objectives that need to be achieved need to be extracted and the needs prioritized based on the conclusion of your analysis. Pedram Zohreva, who has a wealth of experience from years of civil engineering believes that this is where experience is invaluable in analysing and identifying potential issues.

3. Carefully design the project

In order to accomplish the best result when you are developing your civil engineering projects, it is essential to conduct a detailed and comprehensive project design including such fundamental aspects as location, environmental impact, budget or investment, and financing mode, among other factors. One critical aspect in this stage of the design is identifying solutions since that will be very helpful to control any potential deviations from the very start and provide a quick way to solve it.

4. Plan your work

All civil engineering projects must include detailed, concrete, and precise planning. It should include a precise timetable that defines the various phases that the project encompasses. That will allow you to control the time frame that the project needs to be developed in, to ensure that it is fulfilled successfully. You need to define with exact precision details such as the start of the work, the time periods that are designed for each phase of the project, and which exact dates each one will need to be completed.

5. Resources

Organize all of the necessary resources for the development of your construction project. This includes both economic and personnel resources.

6. Deployment

Be sure to deploy and run your civil engineering project on all levels. It is critical to integrate all of the necessary resources and people for your project. In complex projects, this is the easiest step since it is just a matter of putting everything into practice that you have foreseen to date.

7. Monitor

Make sure that you conduct daily monitoring of your work that includes supervising and monitoring all of the activities that you perform along with their progress.

8. Corrections

Apply any corrective measures that are needed to ensure that the civil construction project is a success.


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