10 Top Marketing Newsletters You Should Subscribe To


Whether you’re a keen marketer who wants to stay on trend and hone your skills or a business leader looking to develop your marketing strategy, these top marketing newsletters are for you.

While clogging up your inbox with newsletters can be annoying and counter-productive, signing up for 2-3 valuable and industry-relevant ones will be hugely beneficial for your career. We’ve listed some of our favourite marketing newsletters below for you to choose from and subscribe to.

1. ClickZMarketing newsletters ClickZ – @ClickZ

ClickZ have built a global community of over 200k digital marketers. They offer an extensive hub of information providing the latest news and insights to help digital marketing professionals stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry.

Sign up to their ClickZ Daily newsletter for free to receive marketing updates straight to your inbox.

2. SocialMediopolis – @SocialMediopolsMarketing newsletters logo

SocialMediopolis are the largest community of Social Media Marketing professionals on the planet! Their LinkedIn group has an impressive 1,400,000 members! SocialMediopolis’ goal is “to build the world’s largest and most robust community of professional Social Media Marketers with the objective of sharing experiences, education and career advancement tools.”

Their newsletter shares valuable insights and social media updates that marketers cannot afford to miss!

3. SocialMedia Examiner – @SMExaminerMarketing newsletters SocialMedia Examiner

SocialMedia Examiner helps millions of businesses discover how to best use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness and increase sales. In the ever-evolving social media jungle, marketer’s need to keep up with trends and regularly review and adapt their strategies.

The SocialMedia Examiner newsletter delivers original and comprehensive articles, expert interviews, reviews of the latest industry research and the news you need to improve your social media marketing.

4. Digital Doughnut – @DigitaldoughnutMarketing newsletters Digital Doughnut

Digital Doughnut is a global network of Digital Leaders. In their newsletter, they share insights by digital marketers for digital marketers covering an extensive range of specialisms.

Sign up to their community today to start receiving regular updates.

5. Hubspot’s Marketing Blog – @HubSpotMarketing newsletters Hubspot

HubSpot’s Marketing Blog covers everything you need to become a marketing master. Topics include SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, lead management, analytics, and more.

With a community of over 300,000 marketers and business owners, their newsletter is a must-have.

6. The Moz Blog – @MozMarketing newsletters Moz

If you haven’t heard of Moz are you even a digital marketer? The Moz blog will help you to level-up your SEO and online marketing skills.

The industry’s top wizards, doctors, and other experts offer their best advice, research, how-tos, and insights in Moz’s newsletter, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

7. Buffer Social – @bufferMarketing newsletters Buffer

This one is for the social media pros. Buffer share the best social media tips, tools, experiments, and advice they’ve got with their subscribers.

The great thing about this newsletter is that you can choose whether you want to hear from Buffer once a day or just once a week.

8. Jim’s Marketing Blog – @JimConnollyJim's Marketing Blog marketing newsletters

Jim’s Marketing Blog is one of the world’s most popular, single author marketing sites with over 80,000 people registered to receive updates. Having worked in marketing since 1986, Jim has plenty of powerful marketing strategies to share.

Receive Jim’s latest articles by signing up here.

9. BlueGlass – @blueglassBlueGlass marketing newsletters

BlueGlass are an award-winning content marketing agency made up of a team of elite content marketers

If you’re a content marketer, be sure to sign up to their monthly newsletter for insider tips straight to your inbox.

10. Digital Leadership Associates – @DigitalLeadersADigital Leadership Associates marketing newsletters

Digital Leadership Associates are digital transformation consultancy specialising in turning enterprises social. If you need help with getting your business to embrace social media and the wider digital transformation journey, it’s worth signing up to their newsletter.

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