What Not to Do During Your Driving Test


Driving lessons have a tendency to be stressful at the best of times. Even refresher driving lessons can be daunting, given how your every move is being noted and scrutinised by a professional.

Nevertheless, practical driving tests bring a whole new level of stress and anxiety into the equation. Despite the fact that failing is far from the end of the world, it’s one of the most unnerving experiences most people will ever have to go through.

On the plus side, there’s plenty you can do to steer your tuition in a successful direction. There are also plenty of things you should never do, if you’d like your next driving test to be your final driving test.

With this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of five things not to do when the big day rolls around:

1. Succumb to panic

Easier said than done, but important nonetheless. It may sound counterproductive, not to think realistically about the worst possible thing that could happen. You make a mistake, it’s corrected by your examiner to ensure you stay safe and you fail. Not exactly the end of the world. Try to avoid creating nightmarish scenarios both before and during your test. They’re not going to happen. Even if they were, dwelling on them isn’t going to help.

2. Forget to wear your glasses

The stress and anxiety of the whole thing often paves the way for slightly chaotic preparation. Hence, it’s not uncommon for learners to turn up for lessons or even tests without their glasses. In which case, the worst thing you can do is pretend everything’s OK and go ahead regardless. Instead, tell your instructor or examiner that you don’t have your glasses and make alternative arrangements accordingly.

3. Don’t get too confident

You’d be surprised how often driving tests go so much better than those taking them expect. Far from being a terrifying experience from start to finish, they’re sometimes surprisingly easy and enjoyable. In which case, you may need to keep your confidence under control. Getting too confident paves the way for the kinds of minor and major mistakes that could deny you your licence.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Every driving test is a learning experience in its own right. If there’s something you don’t know, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Instructors and examiners would prefer learner drivers to ask if unsure, rather than make assumptions and mistakes. You can’t expect them to tell you what to do from start to finish, but occasional clarification on minor areas of confusion is fine to request.

5. Don’t stop learning

Last but not least, don’t assume that the moment you get your licence is the moment your driver education comes to an end. If anything, it’s just the beginning. Driving lessons simply prime motorists for the roads with the basics of safe driving. If you want to enjoy your driving experience as a safe and confident motorist, you may also want to consider Pass Plus.


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