Injured at Work? Here’s What You Need to Do


Distress, confusion, anger – these are the feelings you usually have if you suffer an injury at work. Aside from the pain it can cause, an injury can also lead to worries about your ability to earn a living and insecurity on how to cover medical bills.

To alleviate these feelings, this quick guide will spotlight what you have to do following a work accident that has led to an injury.

What type of compensation can you expect?

When you see adverts on TV that promise bags of money when you have been wronged in some way, it’s only natural for your first thought to turn to compensation.

However, even if you are successful with your injury claim, there’s no guarantee of receiving a big lump sum. No case is ever the same. Due to many different contributing factors, such as lost earnings and medical treatment, the amount of money you receive can differ drastically.

The complexity of the subject means it cannot be covered in detail in this article, but the following link has work injury compensation explained in full.

Focus on the injury

If you do suffer an accident at work, it is vital that you receive the necessary medical treatment for whatever injury – or injuries – you have suffered. This treatment could be administered by your workplace’s first-aider or via urgent hospital care.

Ultimately, this aspect sits above everything else when an injury occurs. After all, your health and safety is of paramount importance. Plus, even if you feel the injury is a minor one initially, it can still develop into a lifelong condition if you don’t receive the right treatment.

Forget about compensation at this stage – concentrate on your wellbeing.


You need to let your employer know that you have been the victim of an accident at the workplace. You should also take the time to report it to your fellow colleagues and anyone who may have been witness to the event.

First of all, this can help prevent this type of accident from happening again. Secondly, having it reported ensures there isn’t going to be a dispute about whether the accident occurred or not. You may feel your employer will always have your back in situations like this, but it’s always in their best interests to avoid taking responsibility for this type of incident.

Gather evidence

To strengthen your compensation claim, it is imperative you gather video and photographic evidence when possible. Following the accident, grab your smartphone and start capturing the scene of the accident location if you can. Also, make sure to grab your own copies of the accident report and any CCTV footage that may exist.

Of course, make sure that what you do falls under company rules, and that you have the consent of your employer.

Get the right legal advice and representation

Not only should you do your research in finding the best place for legal advice and representation, but you should also seek this help as soon as possible.

When you have a reputable solicitor on your side from the start, they will have the expertise and experience to ensure nothing is missed in your claim. The result: there’s a greater chance you will receive the full compensation you deserve.


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