What Do You Expect From a Life Coach?


There will always be one point in your life that you will get stuck in a certain situation and don’t know the correct path to walk on. For example, if you want to change your career, you want tips on how to run a business, or even if you are experiencing a personal dilemma, you still need sensible advice. In these situations, people get vulnerable, and their decision-making will get affected by a lot of aspects, such as their environment or the pressure they are holding. 

At this point, you will realize that you need a person that will always be there when that time comes. Someone who would give you the best advice, let you think things through, would guide you, a person who would support you, and help you with everything that they can. 

Luckily for you, that person exists in the form of a profession, and they are called life coaches. Whether you need some consultation for your daily life dilemma, relationship, or business, a life coach like Jason Shiers from Wide World Coaching is there to be of service.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a person who will always be there when you have a problem and help you get through it. This wellness profession called a life coach can make your life better by developing your character until you become successful. Although this is still a profession, many life coaches will not treat you as a client or a boss, but rather they will treat you as part of their family.

What do they do, and when do you need them?

Most of the time, people will tend to consult a life coach when they are about to decide on something big or something that can become a turning point in their lives. Important decisions like choosing a college degree, investing in a business, changing or advancing a career, coping with divorce, or wanting to buy a house. These are extremely significant decisions. That’s why this needs to be thought through before giving the final say. 

A life coach will help you with all of those and can guarantee that you will not regret your decision. A life coach will focus on your life’s present or current events and what you want to achieve as of the moment. They will be the ones who will bridge the gap between that and will help you get from you today and the you that you want to become.

What do you expect from a life coach?

  • Let’s you decide on your goals and visions

A life coach will help you in identifying what you want to achieve in your life. If you already have decided on your goals, he will make sure you’re going to achieve that goal. The coach knows his limits and will not make the decision making for you. He will just give you all the possible outcomes when you want to achieve that goal that you set. 

  • Create a game plan

After letting you decide what you want to achieve, the coach will then create a game plan for you to achieve your goals. The coach will suggest what you must do, stuff that you must get, little steps that you must achieve, take note of your progress, and surely guide you on that path to your goals and dreams.

  • Allows you to grow and rediscover yourself

Self-discovery and personal growth are two of the most important things that a life coach must give to you. Sometimes we tend to lose touch with ourselves and forget what we are capable of. A life coach will let you rediscover your strengths and reminds you of your strengths and capabilities. A life coach’s goal is to develop your character and make sure that you grow to become the person you wanted to be.

  • Makes your day productive

There is a time for rest, and there is a time for work. Resting because you have no clue what you are going to do is not considered rest. With a life coach, you will not experience that scenario. A life coach will make your day productive by listing all the things that you need to do and to achieve for that day, but that is only a suggestion, of course. At the end of the day, you will decide on whether you will follow what your coach says, as long as you know what he is doing can help you achieve your goals.

  • Boost your confidence

That time will come where you will tend to lose confidence in yourself, whether you got embarrassed in your workplace or someone is more impressive than you at work. In certain times when you have low self-esteem, a life coach will give you a confidence booster. The coach will remind you of your strengths and will remind you of your achievements. When you remember your strong points and accomplishments, you will then regain your confidence and will start to trust yourself again.

  • Keeps you motivated

Your life coach will not allow you to quit achieving your goals and will motivate you to keep ongoing. He will do this by letting you remember why you started to have that kind of goal and let you see how far you already have gone. They will do something to keep your hopes up and sometimes get you a vacation to loosen you up and get you back on track. They will highly discourage you from procrastinating since it’s just slowing you down in achieving your dream.

  • Will not have turn blind eye towards you

A life coach will not pamper you and will not always point out your positive traits. He will tell you your weaknesses and will open-mindedly tell you your blind spots. Once you know them, he will then give pieces of advice on how you can turn the tables around them. He will point them out and inform you when you commit mistakes to know what part of your character you need to improve.

  • Knows the boundaries

A life coach knows his limits and boundaries. The coach respects your privacy and knows that the problems you both discuss will not be disseminated. Confidentiality is vital, and your life coach is well aware of that. A life coach will also not force you to listen to his advice or do what he wants you to do. Instead, a life coach will only be there to suggest and give advice if you want them to. At the end of the day, you have to remember that they are only useful once you provide them with consent and if you allow them to interfere.


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