How Can Contract Cleaning Help Enhance Productivity and First Impression Levels?


When it comes to good office management, one of the most essential elements to take into account is high-quality contract cleaning. While the last year has really thrown into light the importance of maintaining hygiene in the workplace, it shouldn’t stop once the pandemic is over.

Regular contract cleaning has a myriad of benefits that should be acknowledged, no matter what else is going on in the world and with the use of contract cleaning services, any workplace can benefit from the below improvements.

Increased Productivity

Every business wants to get the most out of their employees and increasing productivity is easier said than done. With regular contract cleaning, productivity can be significantly increased.

Reduction of Sick Days

Staff are inevitably going to need to take time off now and then due to illness, these missed days place pressure on staff who are in the office and lead to lost work from those who are ill.

While no employee should be forced to come into work when they are unwell, contract cleaning can help to prevent this altogether. Especially in cold and flu season, viruses can spread like wildfire throughout the workplace and many organisations experience long periods with many members of staff sick at home.

Contract cleaning services know exactly how to reduce any spread, from ensuring hygiene products are always stocked in washrooms and other shared areas, to concentrating on sanitising touch-points, such as door handles, elevator buttons, telephones etc.

Helps Employee Concentration

A cluttered workspace can lead to a cluttered mind and it can be seemingly impossible for some to produce their best work with their utmost concentration if they are surrounded by clutter, dirt and grime.

Contract cleaners can alleviate this distraction by ensuring that every area is kept clean and tidy at all times, meaning staff can concentrate on the important stuff.

Stress Reduction

Stress is possibly one of the most common reasons as to why staff aren’t productive and it usually occurs when productivity is more important than ever. In fact, over 17 million days were lost to work-related stress in 2020.

The added grief of having to attend work in an untidy and dirty environment can really topple workers over the edge. Nobody wants to add the stress of unclean areas and washrooms on top of their busy working day.

Reduce Time Wasted

Every second is precious in the workplace and a dirty environment can lead to wasted time. Firstly, staff shouldn’t have to spend their first hour upon entering or leaving the office having to clean the kitchen or sort out dirty washrooms before the important tasks can commence.

Secondly, if a working area is left unorganised and messy, searching for items, paperwork and stationery needed to complete tasks can quickly lead to hours and in some cases, even days, searching for what is needed, turning a quick simple task into a long and arduous one.

Retain Employees

A big loss when it comes to productivity is having to train new staff. While this will inevitably be needed at one point or another in any business, having a high staff turnover can lead to senior staff spending their time having to train these new employees and the business never truly witnessing the best teams possible.

None wants to work in a dirty environment and even if every other element of their role is exactly what they are wanting in a career, the best staff members can quickly be lost to competitors if their working conditions are subpar.

Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping a positive impression of the business is key to the success of all organisations. Contract cleaning can help with just that.


Clients will often visit the premises for meetings and businesses should always want to give the right impression first-time, whether it’s a prospective client or one that has had a long-standing contract, if they see the building looking neglected and untidy, it can lead to lost revenue.

Clients can interpret a neglected space as one that reflects a business that could neglect other aspects of the business, including the clients themselves!


Investors want to make sure every penny they are parting with is going to be looked after and turn a profit. Nobody wants to devote their hard-earned cash to a business that can seem to keep up with basic cleanliness.


.While a job interview is mainly a candidate trying to impress the interviewer, it is also the other way around. Work culture and the environment is deemed one of the most important factors when finding a new job.

Businesses could be risking losing out on the best candidates for the role due to poor office hygiene, even if the role, wage and benefits are exactly what they are looking for.

Don’t allow staff to lose their momentum while simultaneously losing credibility to visitors for something that can be so easily rectified. Even if ‘cleaning rotas’ are created within the office, these can quickly become forgotten and neglected during busy periods within the business. By using a contract cleaner, the stress and worry are completely taken out of office cleaning tasks.


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