Educational Trips to Inspire the Next Generation


While the classroom is where the bulk of any child’s education will take place, it often takes a trip out into the real world for all of that knowledge to make sense. It’s one thing to be told that a certain general led his armies in a decisive battle; it’s quite another to actually stand on the spot where it happened.

As well as engaging students, the right trip can cement that information in the memory, making it easier to draw upon during an exam – and possibly a great deal more interesting in its own right. Many a career in art has been inspired by a trip to the right gallery at the right time!

The logistics of a trip can be a little complex. You’ll need to arrange some transportation with a reputable company, and you’ll need to obtain the permission of parents (and the enthusiasm of a few volunteers).

Let’s take a look at a few of the destinations to which you might plan a trip!

The Natural History Museum – London

Few things will inspire schoolchildren quite as reliably as dinosaur remains. There’s something eye-opening about seeing what remains of a real-life one that leaves a real impact. But there’s more to the Natural History Museum than dinosaurs. You won’t be able to see the entire museum in a single trip – so create a plan before you arrive to really make the most out of the day.

The Deep – Hull

On an ordinary year, The Deep aquarium in Hull welcomes more than 30,000 pupils to their premises. There are eels, penguins, snakes and (of course) plenty of fish to look at. The zoo also plays an active role in conservations efforts around the world, meaning that a trip here will help to preserve the oceans for future generations.

The National Railway Museum – York

Without the railway, it’s likely that the shape of modern Britain would be very different. The arrival of the steam locomotive transformed the country, and there’s no better tribute to this development, and all of the locomotive engineering that followed, than the National Railway Museum in York. It’s one thing to learn about these machines in books; it’s another to climb on board one of them.

The Roman Baths – Bath

Bath provides among the best-preserved Roman ruins anywhere in the country, with the crown jewels of the city being the Roman baths from which it takes its name. The baths currently offer virtual explorations for schools – but a real-life trip is difficult to beat.

The Royal Botanical Gardens – Edinburgh

For those with an interest in botany – or who’d just appreciate a day out in the sunshine, there are few better destinations than a botanical garden. Edinburgh’s is among the world’s leading gardens, with a history dating back more than three centuries.


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