How Can HR Systems Help With the Growth Development of Businesses and Employees?


Regardless of the size of the business, the human resource department is vital to its success. Human resource teams are tasked with more than payroll and open enrolment.

This department is concerned with employee-centred activities. Understanding the value of high-quality employees will push you to invest in the best tools to help develop them by using software like Cezanne’s HR systems.

What is a Human Resource System?

There are several types of Human resource systems so we must stick to a basic definition. It is a tool that allows the storage, processing and report of HR information. They include non-automated systems like databases and spreadsheets and automated systems such as dedicated HRM systems. Functions typically executed by these systems are:

  • Storage and management of employee records
  • Permitting the scheduling of holidays by staff members themself
  • Chart and graph creation
  • Monitoring attendance records and managing shift plans
  • Creating training needs analysis and course management
  • Designing a particular recruitment process and automating correspondence

With non-automated systems, it is difficult for several people to simultaneously access and report the data. Data security is also an issue when dealing with sensitive information.

How HR Systems Improves Employees and Businesses

Entrepreneurs, business owners and managers seek consistent growth for their business. They usually do this by channelling effort into marketing and sales, revenue and workforce. A PwC study showed that 79% of CEOs feel that their workforce may find meeting up with dynamic workplace needs challenging. Eight out of Ten CEOs believed that the lack of essential skills limits a company’s growth.

For organizations to remain competitive, they need to hire and retain employees with the right skills. They must also be prepared to update their skills and retrain them when the need for new capabilities arises. To achieve this, a solid talent development strategy is required since a growing business constantly changes.

HR management systems facilitate the adaptation of employees to the changing needs of a company. They allow staff to continuously update their knowledge base, which in turn promotes retention. When employees are retained, businesses can save up on hiring costs and develop the talent that is already present to move towards further growth stages.

How HR Systems can Support Company Growth Agenda

Harvard Business Review stated that rapid innovation is not an option for companies that want to grow as it stands. Accompanying this requirement is agile talent management practices. Using HR systems, this can be achieved in the following ways.

  • Deliver Continuous Development Programs

As mentioned earlier, business environments are rapidly changing due to the exponential growth of technology. Automation quickly takes over the business landscape, so workers need to learn new skills as they adapt to change to ensure their professional success.

Business owners and managers should take an active role in teaching employees skills that will poise them for success now and in the future. With HR systems, managers can identify talent in the ranks with a track record to prove their quest for growth. Then employers can invest in the progress of these talents.

  • Sharpening Manager Coaching Skills

Excellent managers produce engaged and efficient teams. They can derive trends and leadership development needs from this technology. It can offer virtual training programs to new managers and get them where they need to be in terms of best practices while ensuring they promote company values.

  • Prioritize Performance Appraisals and Assessments

Conversations concerned with ongoing employee performance should be open and honest. If employees are found lacking, they can receive retraining. HR technology can set reminders, promote next steps like coaching for improvement or recognition for properly completed tasks. Also, these systems encourage feedback between team members.

  • Deliver Rewards and Recognition

HR systems allow employers to notice accomplishments more, and they can then reward deserved persons with spot bonuses. Research has proven that instant positive feedback and rewards are more effective for reinforcing desired behaviour. Rather than sticking to end of year bonuses, this is the way to go.

Business executives need to prioritize creating teams that can ensure the success of their organization. It is no easy feat to onboard the best talents. With a great HR system, employers can retain them.



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