How To Increase Traffic To Your Job Ads


It’s crucial that your Job ads are widely exposed and can easily be found by job seekers. If no one sees them, then you can’t expect people to apply. Simply put, applicants won’t apply for your vacant positions if they don’t know that they’re there.

If you check any job board or career site, such as, you’ll see that there are hundreds of thousands of job postings out here. With such a significant number of opportunities available, you can understand why your Job Ad may not get picked up by the applicants’ eyes.

It’s disappointing to think that you spent so much time crafting well-written and detailed job postings, and no one gets to see it. To increase traffic, you need to know how to boost visibility.

The following are a few strategies to help you with your job ads and increase the number of candidates for your postings.

1. Use keywords

Just like when you’re looking for particular content on the internet, you use keywords to find specific results. Now, if you apply that to your Job Advertisements, it will make your job vacancy easier to find. Try thinking like a job seeker. If you want to look for that specific position, what keywords would you search for? These are the words you must include in your description.

2. Use the Right Job Title

Some Recruitment advertisers tend to make their job ads unique by getting creative with their job titles. Yes, it may be striking and can stand out among others, but it also has a worse chance of being searched by Jobseekers. Applicants most commonly search for the usual keywords. Hence, it’s best to use traditional and specific Job titles to achieve more traffic. 

3. Have a detailed job description 

Another way to increase traffic to your job ads and to make people stay and apply is by having a detailed job description. You may incorporate this in your Job title, but once they see that the job’s description is lacking or incomplete in information, they won’t bother applying at all. The job seekers need to know what type of job they’re applying to, and the tasks which are included in it.

Try to include your expected hours per week, company benefits, or even a question asking them their expected salary. This creates engagement and possible communication with your applicants, encouraging a co-operative relationship right from the get-go.

Remember that it must be informative but brief. Utilize bullet points and subheadings to make important things stand out. Job seekers don’t want to read long paragraphs while browsing for job vacancies. They prefer exact information quickly, to know if it’s worth their time and effort to apply.

4. Incorporate a video or company pictures

It’s essential to make your job ad visually appealing so that it stands out among the others. Include company photos and videos, if possible. Video is an engaging visual medium. Adding short videos about the job, the company or the other employees is an effective way to capture a job seeker’s attention. It gives them a more concrete idea of what your company is all about, and what kind of candidate you need. The greater an immediate connection they make with your company and work departments, the more they’ll be enticed to apply. 

5. Post and Share Regularly

The more frequently that people see your ads, the better. Try to post them at different times and across various platforms, to cater to the largest audience possible. Don’t stop until you’ve gathered a large pool of candidates to wade through and choose from.  

6. Post it on Job Boards

Posting it regularly is a good thing, but make sure you’re posting it in the right place. Take advantage of well-known job boards to capture a large audience. Job boards are the most reliable way to drive traffic to your job ads. This is where all the job seekers end up when searching for a vacancy. It’s up to you to pick which job board to invest in.

7. Include your company’s contact details

Once you have the right job board for your ads, as well as the proper title and description, make sure that you don’t forget to include your company’s contact details and website link. You may have all the other details incorporated, but once they see that there’s no portal for them to apply, job seekers will leave your ads. You may include an HR email address instead, with instructions of following a specific subject; this will show you whether or not your applicants have attention to detail and avoid spam emails.

8. SEO Strategies

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a very effective way to gain traffic. SEO is how search engines rank your site among your competition. As mentioned, you must have the right keywords, job title and URL to be one of the top-ranking results, offering more exposure to your job postings.

9. Utilize Available Social Media 

One way to promote your Job Ads freely is through your company’s social media accounts. Social media is an excellent way to share your job ads with your target audience. Make sure to build your following before adding job openings to your regular posting schedule. The more website subscribers and followers you have, the more potential candidates you’ll gather as well.

10. Make your Job Ads Shareable

People love to share new things online. Make your job postings shareable and publicly viewable, so that if a person stumbles upon them and thinks that they’re perfect for a friend, it’s easy to send right away. Include social media sharing icons on your blog posts and job postings. This way, people can quickly share your job postings directly to other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 


Job ads need to be thoroughly specific with what they’re looking for. Target the type of people that you want to hire. Sell your company, your employees, and the job vacancy. Let them know why this is the best job fit for their career. Creating job ads that attract top talent is a skill in itself, and it’s one that you need to learn. 


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