24 Weird Jobs You Never Knew Existed


When choosing your career, there are plenty of common options that usually spring to mind. Teaching, being a Doctor, working in a commercial environment e.g. finance, HR, marketing or sales. While there are plenty of jobs out there that we are all too familiar with, there are also a few weird jobs that you wouldn’t have imagined.

Someone’s got to test the newest water slides and someone has to look after the six ravens that live in the Tower of London. Yep, there are some weird jobs out there, so let’s take a look at 24 examples.

24 weird jobs you never knew existed infographic

weird jobs infographic

Our list of weird jobs includes:

  • Bed warmer – Getting paid to lie in bed. Where can we apply?
  • Golf ball diver – It’s like going on a treasure hunt every day.
  • Professional queuer – Yes, some people employ other people to stand in a queue for them.
  • Vibration consultant – Because no one wants a vibrating house.
  • Sewer flusher – Not pleasant, but not bad money.
  • Professional wing-walker – One for the dare devils.
  • Waterslide tester – If you can swim, you’re qualified for this job!
  • Window cleaner for the Gherkin – With 7,829 panes of glass, this is a big job.
  • Cool hunter – Is there a cooler job than just being cool?
  • London dungeon actor – If you like scaring people, this one’s for you.
  • Chief listening officer – This is basically social media stalking your own company full-time.
  • Walk on water architects – Designing floating houses? Weird but awesome!
  • Eel ecologist – Because we need to know how big our eels are.
  • The raven-master – If a raven leaves, its white tower will crumble and the Kingdom of England will fall. No pressure.
  • The Queen’s swan marker – Someone has to count the Queen’s swans.
  • Pet psychologist – Never mind being a human psychologist, be a pet psychologist!
  • Crisp inspector – Because there’s nothing worst than getting a burnt crisp in the bag.
  • Professional tea taster – If you like tea, you can get paid for drinking up to 300 cups a day!
  • Pet food taster – We’d rather go with being a tea taster.
  • Master distiller – The best part is you also get to taste the Gin.
  • Crown jeweller – Creating silverware and jewels for royalty is a big responsibility.
  • Lock keeper – Someone has to man the locks of Britains waterways, but unfortunately you don’t get paid for it.
  • Beefeater – You can guard the crown jewels but only once you’ve served 22 years in the armed forces.
  • The Queen’s piper – Can you play the bagpipes? The Queen likes to hear 15 minutes every weekday at 9am.

Know of any other weird jobs? Leave us a comment below!


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