8 Steps to Becoming a Better Salesperson


Being a great salesperson nowadays is not an easy task. The competition is fierce and you have to stay dedicated to your job, develop your skills and stay one step ahead of everyone if you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. If you want to become a better salesperson, here are several steps that will help get you there.

1. Never let your guard down

Even if everything is going as smoothly as possible don’t hesitate to question your strategies. The moment you sit back and relax convinced that you are doing everything perfectly is the moment you will stop moving forward in your career.

2. Work really hard

Well, this is probably nothing you haven’t figured out on your own, but becoming a better salesperson requires hard work and dedication. Therefore, stop sleeping in and wasting the whole day watching Netflix. Instead, roll up your sleeves and use every minute to learn something new or develop a new skill.

3. Don’t get distracted

Maybe you are logging the hours but if you don’t actually use them to do what’s necessary to get results, you are just wasting them. Spending time at work is not the same as working, so instead of standing by the water cooler chatting with your coworkers, force yourself to be more productive. If you want to be better at your job you need to be disciplined and stop procrastinating.

4. Don’t just talk, listen

You probably know your sales speech by heart, but keep in mind that every person is a unique individual with a specific set of needs. Therefore, even if one customer is impressed with your presentation and buys your product, it doesn’t mean the next one will. Instead of focusing only on what you are supposed to say, try to build an actual relationship with your potential customer and really listen to what they say. Find out what their needs are and you will be able to tweak your offer to something that suits them perfectly.

5. First impressions matter

Have you ever been on a date where the other person left such a bad first impression you weren’t at all interested in finding more about them? Well, in sales things are no different. If you seem like you hate the whole world and you give a bad vibe right from the start, you have probably blown the opportunity to sell your product. It doesn’t matter how flawless your pitch is or if your product is exactly what they need, if you make a lousy first impression, everything afterwards is in vain. No one said being a salesperson is easy. In fact, some famous people we love and admire would be terrible at this job. If you want to find out which celebs would make terrible salesmen click here.

6. The problem is the solution

If you really want to sell a product, you need to show your potential customers how it will make their life easier or help their business. Therefore, stop focusing on the features of the item you are selling, and think about how this product can meet their needs. If your prospective customer realizes how they could greatly benefit from your item, your job is done.

7. Complaints are not your enemy

Of course, listening to complaints is not easy, but if you want to be a better salesperson you cannot let your ego get the best of you. Instead, let others tell you what you are doing wrong so you can do everything to correct your mistakes and return stronger and wiser. Don’t be afraid to welcome feedback, because one right complaint can help you craft your tactics to perfection.

8. Learn about your product

In order to be a great salesperson, you need to know everything there is about your company’s product or service. When a customer asks you a very specific question about your product, you need to be able to answer them in a second. Otherwise, if you put them on hold or tell them that you will get back to them with that information, you will give them time to reconsider your offer and lose their interest.

Although these steps will help you become a better salesperson, keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight. It will require effort, awareness, help from others, and above all, time.


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