The Top 10 Job Sites in the UK Revealed


So you’re looking for a new job and you know what kind of role you are after, but you are unsure about where to look for it.

If this scenario sounds familiar you have come to the right place as we’ve lined up the top 10 job sites in the UK where you can go to find your next great opportunity! Our list is based on which UK job sites get the most traffic on their websites every month. These sites also boast some of the best job search apps in the UK too, so if you prefer to job hunt on the go, be sure to check those out too. For writers, we advise to check more specific websites like Writingjobz.

Once you’ve discovered these fantastic job sites, be sure to check out the job searching section of our website for application tips and interview advice.

Drum roll please!

The top 10 job search sites in the UK are:

1. Indeed

Indeed enables you to search jobs posted on thousands of websites, we like to think of it as the Google of job opportunities. No matter where a job is posted online, you should be able to find it on Indeed. Rather than visiting numerous job sites, you can save time by just heading to Indeed. With 38.4 million visits to their UK site each month, Indeed storms into the top spot on our list and is the biggest job site on the internet!

Search for jobs on Indeed here.

2. Reeddownload

Reed’s mission is to help the world Love Mondays! Their site offers positions from over 25,000 recruiters a year, including private and public sector employers and leading recruitment agencies and consultants. Each month, more than 7 million job seekers turn to and their mobile app in their search for work, making over 160,000 applications every day. Take a look around and you’ll find jobs spanning 42 industry specialisms across the UK and beyond.

3. TotalJobsdownload-3 is one of the UK’s leading jobs boards, attracting around 6 million job seekers every month on the hunt for one of 110,000 live job ads the site carries at any one time. All of this activity generates over 2 million applications a month, cementing’s strong reputation among job seekers and recruiters alike.

4. CV-Library

CV-Library is another leading independent job site in the UK. Candidates are able to apply directly to over 145,000 live vacancies from across the UK, covering over 70 different sectors. Job seekers can register their CV for free with CV-Library and be headhunted by the UK’s top recruiters and direct employers. CV-Library will also send email alerts with jobs that are relevant to your experience!

Registering for CV-Library is quick and simple. You can register here.

5. Universal JobMatchdownload-5

Universal JobMatch is the British government website for finding both full time and part time job vacancies. It’s a free service for employers to post job opportunities and for job seekers to post CVs.

6. Jobsitejobsite logo

Jobsite is a leading British job board where you can find over 150,000 vacancies through their job search tool every month. They provide relevant, personalised opportunities and intelligent recruitment services, to connect high-quality candidates with some of the UK’s most successful businesses.

7. MonsterMonster

Monster are a worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities. With over 5 million UK website visitors a month and thousands of jobs from entry level to management roles, they are definitely worth a stop on your job search journey. They also have great resources for job seekers including creating a killer CV and cover letter, searching for jobs, preparing for interviews, job market insights and launching your career.

8. NHS JobsNHS jobs

NHS Jobs is a surprise niche job board making an appearance in our top 10. However, with around 25,000 jobs advertised on their website every month and 3.9 million website visitors, you can see why they made the cut. If you’re looking to begin or develop your career in the NHS, this site should be your first port of call.

9. Fish4JobsFish4Jobs Logo

Fish4Jobs are visited by over 1.6 million job seekers a month. They are the recruitment section of the Daily Mirror and 100+ regional newspapers including iconic brands such as Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo and Birmingham Mail.

10. GuardianJobsThe Guardian Jobs

The Guardian Jobs is all about inspiring careers; connecting job seekers with thousands of quality employers and award-winning career advice. While they don’t have as many opportunities as the big players above, they are definitely still worth a visit and their career advice is top notch!

What do you think of the top 10 job sites in the UK? Are there any surprises? Do you think we’ve missed a big one? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. While the job sites may be good, they’re let down by how callously discourteous the HR departments have become.
    Most HR departments expect applicants to be courteous but think nothing of not having the basic courtesy of letting the applicants know how their application fared. Even a stock “Sorry, you are not quite what we are looking for” would at least let the applicant know that they’d been bypassed for the job, but instead leave the applicants in the dark not bothering to get back to them at all (personally I think companies with HR departments like that should have to pay for their blatant discourtesy).
    Yes, this is a bit of a rant but it’s a sad FACT that over 90% of HR departments will not give any response to people applying for jobs with their company.

  2. One problem I’ve found recently are companies that advertise fake jobs. They’ll have a title like, warehouse operative, which is good if you’re trying to avoid office work. Then you discover in the description that the job is 99% office work. Why can’t they just be honest. Employing someone under false pretences will only lead to the vacancy having to be re-advertised in a month after you’ve wasted time and money training someone to do a job they don’t want. Just be honest. It’s not hard. Saves everyone from getting a headache.

  3. There used to be a time when HR used to be a buffer between the employers and the employees, giving support to the employees as and when needed.
    Unfortunately in my experience that is now not true! I have been shouted at and spoken to as if I was a 2 year old and rather than helping me to put my case have either had to battle to get anything to enable me to advance in my job to just blatantly being shouted down to the point where I have given up.
    Too many HR think that going to Uni and getting a diploma in one field entitles them to be completely negative . Having been in a situation of reading CVs to pass on to my employer the applicants that were worth interviewing, I can understand that it is not easy but every single person deserves to get an acknowledgement for applying for a job even if it’s a “thanks but no thanks” standard letter or email.

  4. It seems to be a minefield on every job seeking site, misleading job titles, false wage amounts, and worst of all the spam you receive when you register to one of these sites with jobs being offered to you which you clearly stated that you are not qualified for such as Class 1 driving etc, they just bombard your inbox with rubbish for months on end.
    As most have stated previously if you do apply for a job you are left in the dark with no answers from the majority of companies out there, totally unprofessional in my book.

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