The Benefits of Having Others Edit Your Work


Habitually, people will overlook the need for editing their written work. More often than not, students’ grades drop, theses get unaccepted, bosses lose their cool over poorly written reports, and important documents are misconstrued simply because the final work was not edited before submission.

Even the most seasoned writers need to have their work edited. Why is that, given they can write? We’ll tell you now about the benefits of editing.

Catching your mistakes

When you edit your own work, the brain routinely fills in the blanks of what you meant to say. In most cases, it’s difficult to catch your own mistakes and easier to catch others’ mistakes. Even with the use of software and spell check, it’s easy to miswrite certain words, especially homophones (words with a different spelling but the same pronunciation), like ‘right’ ‘write’ and ‘rite’. As easy as it is to miswrite, as easy as it is to not catch the mistake. 

Improve the overall writing

Editing is not the same as proofreading. Proofreading fixes the most basic mistakes made in spelling and grammar. Editing goes deeper than that. An editing service will include not just fixing basic writing mistakes but looks at the overall structure of the writing, the flow, and clarity. It will put sense into wordings and sentences that don’t make sense, reconstruct sentences for more profound understanding, and give a more professional look to whatever you’re writing. Without editing, even the best-written work can sometimes seem inadequate.

High quality

If your work is academic, there are specialized editors for that; if you’re preparing to submit a manuscript for a book, a professional editor will edit it, and so on. A good service will ask you what you need to get done and choose their most suitable editor for your work to get it done. 


Sure a non-professional editor can edit your writing, but can they do what a professional can? Can they keep what they’ve read to themselves? Confidentiality is a concern to many, especially Master’s and PhD students, fiction and non-fiction writers, lawyers, and any others who need the writing to be confidential. As Oxbridge Editing explains, when you choose the right professional and reputable company, they will be bound by the Data Protection Act and the more recent GDPR guidelines. These regulations ensure your rights and confidentiality. A good service will provide you with both professionalism and confidentiality.  

Fresh pair of eyes

There could be mistakes right in front of you, but you can’t spot them. A fresh pair of eyes can spot them in a flash. These new eyes, preferably of a professional editor, are a must, especially if your writing has been for a long piece, such as a thesis or book.

When you’ve finished writing something for work or studies, it’s a burden off your shoulders, only to be followed by another one of editing your work. When you make yourself all things in one, that is, writer, editor, proofreader, this will put a lot of stress on you (which you certainly don’t need). Have professionals help you to get a great piece of writing.


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