Dressing for Success: 3 Ways to Get the Right Look at Work


Having a suitable and varied wardrobe for work can sometimes be difficult and expensive, but by sticking to a few basic rules, anyone can dress for their own success without breaking the bank. Here are three simple ways to make sure you are getting the most from your work clothes.

Search for the Right Clothing for the Job

When looking for work clothes, it is always best to shop around, particularly online. Men often struggle to find work trousers that are both comfortable and suitable workwear. Men’s work trousers need to be durable and hard wearing, while also being presentable. Finding just the right pair of men’s work trousers can be hard, but there are a range of work trousers available here that offer comfortable, stylish and affordable workwear.

Clothing from englebert strauss is known for its high quality and durability, without compromising on style or comfort. It is important that work clothes have some function, as well as some form, and the clothing at englebert strauss has been designed with the worker in mind; they also have a large range of sizes. When choosing work clothes you should look at how the clothes can help you do your job. Something as simple as pockets and where they are placed can make or break an item of work clothing.

Learn the Dress Code

Not enough people take the time to fully investigate the dress code of their workplace. You may have been informally instructed in your first week about an expected dress code, but it is always worth checking with Human Resources or Line Management about your company’s dress code.

Sometime women may be unaware of dress coding relating to hair and make-up, but some may not be aware of dress options available to them. The suit is often seen as symbol of power or status among males in the workplace, with a jacket seen as the informal uniform of management. This leads some women to avoid pantsuits or jackets when dressing for work, but often there are no limitations to female dress codes in this area.

Mix and Match to Keep Costs Down

Even if your company’s dress code is quite limited, you can still give yourself a lot of options and create a lot of outfits from a small ensemble of suitable clothing. By having skirts or trousers in neutral colours, like black or grey, we can have a variety of shirts or blouses that can change our whole look with a simple change in colour or style.

Women can often add style and movement to an outfit with ruffled cuffs or sleeves on a blouse, that can be paired with pants or a skirt. Men may have very few styles of shirt open to them, but colour can be used to create a lot of different looks. By having just a few basic skirt or trouser options, you can get a large varied wardrobe by adding seasonal shirts and blouses.

Why Is It So Important?

Dressing for work is an important aspect of any job, and is often overlooked. If you have a job that involves meeting clients or colleagues, then wearing the right clothes is of paramount importance for giving off the correct impression, but appearing presentable in suitable and appropriate work clothes is recommended for all types of employment.

Being presentable at all times at work shows you have a professional attitude towards your employment and can set standards for yourself and consistently achieve them. Choosing suitable, functional work clothes that also have some style or flair displays good decision making and problem-solving. When people say you can dress for success, it is true. Your employers will notice your consistent presentation.

Overcome the Difficulties

It can be difficult, for both men and women, to find enough varied and fashionable work clothes that offer form and function. It is sometimes felt that women have more choices in this area, but this comes with its own burdens. Professional women’s clothes can sometimes be very expensive, and having more choice can cause a lot of decision-making headaches when you are rushing to work in the morning. Men often feel constricted by a lack of choice, stuck in a shirt and tie with little choice of colour or material.

Fortunately, more clothing manufacturers are stepping up to offer more choice and better value, using the internet and global trade to keep costs to the consumer down and offering more and more products every day. Now is a better time than ever to expand your work wardrobe with some fresh colour and style, and give yourself some new options to help you stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, this guide can help you find the right clothes for the job and you too can dress for success at work.


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