4 Situations When Employees Should Consult an Employment Law Attorney


You may need to hire an employment lawyer if you are facing clashes with your employer or coworkers. In many instances, the problem can be resolved through open communication and understanding everyone’s interests. But, in some cases, you need the assistance of an experienced employment lawyer to deal with uncomfortable scenarios. For e.g. owing unpaid wages, discriminatory laid off, violation of employment contract, deprivation of promised benefits, and harassment. A lawyer is essential to provide you with justice against violations in the workplace. In this article, I’ve tried to pin down a few unavoidable situations when you should ask for legal help.

Workplace Discrimination

The workplace discrimination arises when an employee has been treated unfairly and unfavourably because of his race, caste, age, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, national origin or disability. State authorities have enforced laws to protect employees against discrimination. Disability laws are there to protect the rights of disabled people in the workplace.  Unfortunately, workplace discrimination has continued to affect thousands of workers. Therefore, it is essential for you to consult a lawyer if you have been facing serious harassment or discrimination by your employer. An employment lawyer will evaluate your case to help you deal with this problem as quickly as possible. Only he can determine whether you should take legal actions against the oppressor.

Workplace Bullying

The term bullying has been distinguished from harassment in subtle manners. Workplace bullying is regarded as unreasonable repeated actions of a coworker, employer, or group of individuals decisively focused towards an employee to degrade, offend, and humiliate him. This unethical behaviour can occur physically (face-to-face, pushing, hitting, or kicking), verbally (name-calling, passing abusive remarks, or insulting over the phone), and non-verbally (threating or harassing through emails). No one needs to tolerate bullying conduct as it can weaken the self-confidence of the victim. There are both state and federal laws in place to help you cope with such situations. You can contact employment law attorney to help you cope with this difficult situation in case of unsupportive organizational culture.

Unfair Termination

An unfair termination (order to quit a regular job without any prior notice) is devastating. The unexpected job loss is an emotionally painful experience. You have legal rights to claim against your employer if you have been fired for no reason at all. An employment law attorney may not be able to get your job back, but he can definitely make sure you are being treated reasonably by your former employer. He carefully assesses your termination to handle the situation gracefully. In the event of an unjust laid off, he can help you receive the best possible legal remedies in the form of adequate compensations, negotiations, or monetary benefits. This way you can better understand what happened at last job and how you can reframe it while searching for a new job in the future.

Workplace Conflicts

The process of dealing with workplace issues like leadership conflicts, interdependency-based conflicts, work style differences, personality clashes, and cultural-based disagreements is immensely tricky. But, it does not mean every difficult situation at workplace needs to result in the resignation letter. An employment lawyer is well-aware of these conflicts who might have looked at the same problem from different perspectives in the past. It is worth consulting an attorney if you are experiencing issues that are obstructing your ability to work efficiently and effectively at your work. He can help you analyse the situation so you do not lose your job. You can also contact a reliable legal services provider who would assist you in maintaining an employment relationship. Experts at Hatton James Legal offer the simplest possible solutions to resolve your work-related problems.


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