How to Make an Impact in Your Business Meetings


Meetings are often the centre around which an efficient workplace revolves. Used to set objectives and goals, to brief team members on developments, and to decide on future courses of action, in many ways team meetings can be the most important part of the working week. Yet, too many of us turn up at them woefully unprepared.

Making an impact in a meeting is the best way to get noticed at work. Making valuable contributions will help your career to progress and will give you confidence in your abilities and decisions. For this reason, Unchain your Brain are offering a free online course to show you how to prepare for different types of meetings, and how to make the best impression once you’re there.

Topics covered include:

  • How to deal with interruptions
  • How to listen effectively
  • The five key questions you can adapt to any meeting, including the Impact Question
  • How to improve your body language and use hand gestures to best effect
  • Build confidence and express your opinions with conviction

The course consists of a series of easy-to-understand video tutorials. Each one contains practical tips and advice, as well as exercises for you to carry out. Using insights taken from the latest scientific and psychological research, this free course gives you a comprehensive strategy for getting the most out of workplace meetings while making the right kind of impact where it counts.

About Unchain Your Brain

Unchain Your Brain is a leadership academy that creates and delivers online video courses for today’s managers and business leaders. Our courses use the very latest research in neuroscience and psychology, as well as drawing on a wide range of case studies and professional experience with top business clients. All of our videos are professionally filmed and edited and are hosted by qualified tutors.

Business meetings are an opportunity to make an impact. If you’ve ever felt overlooked at meetings or wondered why they don’t go your way or have come out feeling that you haven’t expressed yourself properly, then this course will help you to get noticed, have more of a say, and have your ability recognised by those around you.


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