The Process Of Making A Work Accident Claim


A solicitor usually sets out a process of making a work accident claim which includes the kind of compensation you are allowed to claim, how your answers should be answered and also how to involve your employer since they are responsible for your claims.

 Regardless of the safety and health rules, there are countless accidents that happen every day. Employers should provide a free and safe environment that protects employees from any hazardous working state. This is because a lot of employees suffer from someone else’s negligence.

A lot of people are reluctant in making a work accident claim as they are unaware of the process. It is then crucial to understand how the process begins, the time it takes and also the amount of money that is involved.

The compensation you are allowed to make is made up of four main elements:

Elements of a work accident claim

Financial loss

Due to an injury, you are bound to have an actual loss of money and other expenses that include medical, travel costs to the hospital and also the income that you will lose. As an employee, you are entitled to full compensation from all of the above losses and others too.

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering that is caused by physical injuries or even psychological injuries deserve compensation. For you to get full compensation from the above injuries and other losses, contact scot accident claims for the best and quality lawyers. They will help you get a good lawyer in Scotland.

Now that you are aware of what constitutes a work accident, below are some of the things you should do after an accident has happened.

1. Concentrate on your injury

This is the most crucial thing that you should do after an accident occurs. Immediately after the accident happens at work, the workplace’s first aider should treat you first. Any workplace environment must have at least one first aid kit and a qualified first aider. After the accident, demand that you want a first aider immediately and stay still.

Even if it might seem like it is a minor injury, sometimes minor injuries can lead to a long life condition that will forever change your life in case you are not treated well. As a result, you should get a qualified medical practitioner who will tell whether you should go to the hospital or not.

 2. Report the accident to your manager

After the first aid is successful, you should consider talking to your manager about the accident. If you were involved in a serious accident, your employer is obliged to tell the health and safety executive. In a lot of organisations, your claim can be breached if you do not follow the right procedures as per the organisation’s requirement.

At this stage, you can successfully avoid an accident. However, this doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to full compensation from your employer. When the dispute comes in, the only person who can help is a qualified solicitor from scot accident claims.

3. Record the accident in the accident book

It is mandatory for every company to have an accident book. Also, make sure your accident is recorded in the book since some employers are reluctant to record the accident. This happens mostly when they have a performance target to minimize the accidents that happen at work. It is very vital that you ensure your accident is recorded for the purposes of evidence.

Also, after your accident is recorded, make sure you take pictures and video for evidence.  This is actually important when you want to make claims of the injuries caused or even when you want to defend yourself from any accusations.

4. Keep a record of your expenses and losses

The main aim of being compensated is to help you get back to the position you were in before the accident happened. Some cases vary, for instance, if you lost your income due to the accident then you should be able to get full recovery of your income.

Also, if you were going to get a promotion and as a result of the accident you didn’t, then all of those losses that were to happen in the future should be compensated too.

5. Speak to a qualified solicitor

Avoid talking to a call centre operative but a dedicated solicitor. Not every individual that works at a solicitor practice is one. If you doubt if someone is a solicitor you can reach out to scot accident claims for one who will help you acquire full compensation. Our lawyers are people you can trust to help you.

We are very good at what we do and be assured that you will get full compensation from your loss.


If you are the victim of the accident, scot accident claims can help you gain full compensation from your claim. Involving a qualified solicitor is important since some employers can be difficult to deal with. It is also vital as you might be unsure of the things that are involved in making a claim.


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