ReputationDefender Explains Why You’re Always One Article Away from Being Unemployable


When assessing a job candidate, more than 80% of recruiters will check your name on search engines and social media before considering you for a position. If their search uncovers negative reviews or articles about your work, they will likely think twice about hiring you, and even if they don’t necessarily believe everything they read about you, they could decide that you simply present too great a risk to their own reputation.

These are just some of the ways your employment prospects could be ruined by a single negative article:

Potential embarrassment

If an article makes sensitive information about you or your personal life public, not only could this be embarrassing for you if it is brought up at an interview, many companies will not want to hire you as a result. While your personal life should not affect your ability to perform your duties, this could cause potential difficulties with your clients and coworkers if they decide to look you up. The easiest way for an organization to avoid this is to avoid you. 54% of employers have decided not to employ someone because of material they found online.

Doubts about professionalism

Negative articles accusing you of unprofessional behavior are a big red flag to employers. This is especially the case if the article suggests you have been rude or unprofessional in public or to a customer. A single article covering a negative professional interaction you had, or worse highlighting a number of instances to imply a trend, is more than enough to convince most businesses that they do not want you representing their company. In addition to concerns regarding your treatment of customers, a reputation for unprofessional behavior tells employers you might be disruptive as an employee and cause workplace conflicts.

Doubts about skills

A negative article that suggests you are incompetent or produce low-quality work is very concerning to potential employers, who may not want to take a chance on you. Even if you have the perfect qualifications for a role, a recruiter reading an article like this might infer that your work is inconsistent or that you can’t handle the pressure. Furthermore, if an employer has any doubts about your consistency or capability, they are also forced to consider the potential burden you could put on the colleagues who have to pick up your slack.

In any industry, employers are looking for talented and conscientious individuals who will fit right into their way of working and integrate themselves with their new teams. What they are not looking for is a new employee who could cause the company embarrassment, be abrasive with customers and colleagues, or create additional worker for other employees. If there is a single article online suggesting one of these things about you, it could have a serious impact on your career prospects.

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