REVEALED: The Best Cities for Work-Life Balance in the UK


Is your company suffering high rates of employee turnover, or an exceeding amount of employee sick days? The likelihood is, you haven’t quite managed to master the work-life balance of your employees. Worryingly, this issue is more common in the workplace than you might think…

The latest data from CV-Library shows that 97.9% of Brits believing that work-life balance is important. However, despite this, over a third (37.3%) of the nation’s professionals admitted to not having a good work-life balance themselves.

CV-Library’s data explored how 1,200 workers in various cities across the UK felt about their work-life balance and how it was affecting their career decisions. The results reveal the dramatic effect that work-life balance has on business’ ability to retain employees.

10 best cities for work-life balance

In a technological world where we are constantly checking our emails and taking work calls at all hours, it’s important for employers to be able to spot the signs of burning out.

There are a number of cities who are achieving a good balance without having a negative impact on business results and productivity. These are the cities where employees are happiest with their work-life balance.

10 best cities for work-life balance infographic

  1. Glasgow (77.8%) 
  2. Nottingham (71.1%) 
  3. Sheffield (70.6%) 
  4. Liverpool (66.7%) 
  5. Bristol (65.9%) 
  6. Southampton (63.9%)  
  7. London (63.8%) 
  8. Leeds (63%) 
  9. Cardiff (62.5%) 
  10. Manchester (54.9%)

These cities haven taken an alternate stance to the traditional belief that more ‘bums-on-seats’ equates to greater productivity. Simply, employees who are happier with their work-life balance will be more efficient.  


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