Could You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse at Work?


Zombies – we’re all familiar with the flesh-eating, groaning creatures. The reanimated dead who want nothing more than to feast on our brains are an increasingly popular topic for horror novels, TV shows and movies. Thanks to this our curiosity surrounding the possibility of a zombie invasion has grown.

So, have you ever found yourself wondering: could you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Well, what if the zombies took over while you were at work? Picture this:

It’s a normal day in the office. Like clockwork, Dean from Accounts has just come back from his daily 15-minute, 11am toilet break and your phone has been ringing off the hook all morning. You notice some louder than usual mumblings coming from a group of people huddled around your work bestie’s computer. You’re pretty sure he’s showing them that disgusting Dr Pimple Popper video he showed you yesterday. Gross.

The mumblings get louder and people are sounding panicked. Odd. You’re just about to get up to find out what’s happening when the screams begin – “If the Smithson deal has fallen through, I’ll scream, too”. As you walk over, people start running towards the windows, only to recoil in horror. What is going ON?!

The power goes out and the office goes silent. That’s when you hear it. A low murmuring sound, coming from outside. What is it? Warplanes? A UFO? You listen harder, and you recognise that chorus of groans instantly. Surely not… That stuff only happens in cheesy Hollywood blockbusters! Not in the middle of Ipswich! On a Tuesday, for heaven’s sake! Your colleague confirms what you were dreading: “There are zombies… everywhere.”

What next? Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? Take this quiz created by Bridgewater Resources UK to find out!

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