The Top 5 High-Paying Jobs for 2020


The most demanding jobs in the United States are low-paid and rare professions. For example, they include a mid-ranking office worker or a highly skilled anesthesiologist. While talking about the most demanding jobs in this context, we mean the professions that are in high demand among employers and lack human resources. But today, we are going to discuss the highest-paid jobs where you sometimes have to fight for a position. According to research done by EssayShark, medical, aviation, and Information Technology spheres occupy the leading positions. Let’s talk about the most demanding, high-paying, and promising jobs in the USA in 2020.

The High-Paying Jobs in America

According to the researches conducted by various job websites and official statistics, the profession of the anesthesiologist happened to be the most paid one in the United States in 2019. The mean salary of this medical expert is $265.990 per year. One should keep in mind that this is a stressful job, and the wage depends on the states, company, organization, experience, and other factors. The difference in the wage in various states is mind-blowing. Thus, an anesthesiologist in California earns more than $280,000, while in Illinois, the wage is around $192,000.

Information technologies are hot on the heels of the leading medical industry. So far, the managerial and supervisory positions are the most paid in IT. Thus, the mean salary for IT managers is $152,860. The sphere of Information Technology may soon outrace the medical industry.

So far, LinkedIn believes that IT is one of the most promising spheres. By the way, we can’t miss sports and show business. Leading athletes, models, singers, actors earn quite a fortune. However, only the tax bureaus are aware of the size of the earned income. But we all remember that Kylie Jenner gets around $1.2 million for one advertising post on her Instagram.

Top promising professions on the USA

It takes some time and requires specific triggers that influence the demand for various occupations. The fourth industrial revolutions, the development of Artificial Intelligence and total globalization trigger the emergence of new professions and alter the traditional ones.

IT and marketing, medical, and engineering specialities occupy the leading positions of the most perspective jobs in the future.

Experts believe that these are going to be some of the most promising professions in the US:

  1. Software Developers and Engineers;
  2. Industrial Engineers;
  3. Plastic Surgeons;
  4. Scientists;
  5. Robot Technicians;
  6. Digital Marketing and Advertising Specialists;
  7. Web Developers’
  8. Designers;
  9. Architects;
  10. Medical Practitioners.

This information is helpful for school graduates and those people who are considering getting a degree. And here are the professions that are considered to be the high-paid ones in 2020:

Physician assistants

These medical employees can specialize in various fields and work in different organizations. It’s an excellent choice for those people who want to start their career in the pharmaceutical industry as soon as possible or doesn’t have enough time and money to pay for long-term medical education. Every physician assistant needs to have a master’s degree, go through supervised clinical training, pass an exam, and get a license, and never stop learning.

The main responsibilities of a physician assistant include the primary examination of the patient, assistance during surgeries, ordering tests, maintaining patients’ records and documentation, prescribing meds, etc. The mean salary is around $108.510, while the highest one reaches $151.850.

Physical Therapists

The career of a physical therapist requires a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. Some educational establishments offer a 6-7-year program that includes a DPT and BD. Besides, you need to take the National Physical Therapy Exam to get a license.

A physical therapist is responsible for restoring functions and mobility, prevent physical disabilities, relieve pain. He has to create treatment plans taking into account patients’ personal medical history.

The average annual salary is around $87.930. The highest salary in 2019 was $123.530 per year.

Software Developers

You have to be really into Math to become a software developer. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and constant self-development as programming languages are quite flexible. A software developer uses codes to develop software solutions that meet the requirements of the technical task. They also alter, update, or maintain the applications. People who choose this profession can work for the state, a private company, or become a freelancer.

The mean wage is $110.000 per year. However, you should keep in mind that it depends much on the language you know and your skillset. The highest annual salary is $166.960.


Becoming a surgeon requires firm hands and determination. Of course, you also need lots of time and effort to get the certification of a surgeon. Depending on your speciality, you can become a devoted neurosurgeon or cardiothoracic surgeon. It takes at least eight years in university to get the degree.

The mean annual wage of a surgeon is around $282,000. Self-employed physicians tend to earn approximately $339,738 per year.


You must get a degree from an accredited dental school and a license depending on the state you live in. Many people are scared of dentists not for the pain they get during procedures but for the price. The services of dentists are not cheap. The average annual salary of a dental doctor is around $156,500. The self-employed dentists usually earn a mean wage of $220,000.


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