7 Digital Careers That Allow You to Work From Home


The work from home trend is up and about nowadays. Due to health risks, working in offices is heavily discouraged, and people are now forced to shift in the digital world. First, you must accept that independence is what this field is all about to start your work from home career. You also need to invest more on this since you have to have a desktop or laptop and subscribe to an internet service provider. Here are seven digital careers perfect for work from home and their responsibilities to help you choose which career path to take.

1. SEO Specialist

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means that SEO experts are responsible for generating your website or online platform to make it to the top rank in searches. SEO specialists deal with keywords, understand search algorithms, build outbound and internal links, affiliate links, and more. This is a complicated skill to learn, and most people have difficulty understanding how it works. However, an SEO expert will boost the website’s traffic, having the upper hand among competitors. A great way to start in this field is to apply as an apprentice for an SEO agency.

2. Content Writer/Copywriter/Ghostwriter

Writing is essential in this industry. This also covers a wide range of work, such as writing blog articles, product reviews, eBook writing, course writing, creative writing, academic writing, technical writing. If you accept a ghostwriting gig, you must be aware that you will not be credited in the article you made. Content writers do tons and tons of research. With the nature of the work, writers have more control over their time. Jobs like this are more intended to be paid as fixed rates rather than hourly.

3. Graphic Designer

When you’re good at making a logo, banner, infographics, and social media posts, Graphic Designers might be an excellent job for you. They can also do business branding, presentation slides, book covers, brochures, and invitation cards. The scope in this field is vast, as long as it involves designing. Since the online industry demands high-quality visuals, graphic designers work their way to meet standards. Competition is tight in this field, but graphic design is a great skill to have for your online career.

4. Video Editor

Video editors are in demand these days. Influencers and businesses are continuously investing in making high-quality videos. This is because everything is becoming digital. Since the online world demands visuals, companies compensate for this demand through product reviews and product demonstrations. Video editors are responsible for editing vlogs, creating commercials, creating video ads, creating advanced animation and special effects. Video editors will greatly benefit from the online class trend since webinars, prerecorded courses, and explainer videos are popular these days.

5. Social Media Manager/Marketer

Since businesses are transitioning to online and digital venues, social media presence is a vital part of this process. Social Media Managers are responsible for managing and handling the business’ social media accounts. They are the ones who plan, schedule, and create content or events for your business that can attract potential customers and increase traffic. Their primary responsibility is to engage with the audience and grow the business’ social media pages.

Social Media Marketers are still social media managers, but they have more knowledge on the marketing side, such as generating ads and campaigns. It comes in many forms like influencer marketing, Facebook ads, Youtube marketing, etc. They study the social media platform’s algorithm to better understand and identify what campaign they could utilize to drive more sales.

6. eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are three big eCommerce venues for building an online store. The competition is very tight in this industry, and things will get hectic. Business owners hire eCommerce Virtual Assistants to help them in managing their online shop. eCommerce VA’s are responsible for product listing, inventory, order fulfilment, and providing customer service.

7.Web/UX/UI Developer

This is one of the highest paying careers for a work from home setup. This is also one of the most difficult skills to learn, and experts can attest to that. This is where knowledge in programming and coding will be most advantageous to you. Developers are the ones who create a functional website, app, or software. They also handle the design of the website. They are also responsible for maintaining the functionality of the website/app/software and fixing any bugs or errors.

All of these careers require you to be tech-savvy. Most of the time, you have to learn all of these skills on your own but don’t fret! Because there are a lot of free courses and resources online that can help you to start. Choose the field where you think you’re most capable and, from there, begin to enhance it. Along the way, you can also upskill so that you will become more efficient in your work.


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