Future-Proof Your Career With One of the New Generation of Jobs


There are certain careers that have been around forever; professions like medicine, law, and accountancy. There are even more that have succumbed to time, such as the newspaper typesetter, switchboard operator, and lift controller. Then there are some that have sprung up in more recent times, which promise to be with us for many years to come.

Anyone with an interest in continuing to have good career and promotion prospects could do well to pay attention to these kinds of jobs, especially as they are wide-ranging enough to offer good prospects for anyone with the necessary skills and ambition. Unsurprisingly, they generally involve technology in some way, although certainly not exclusively. However, by picking the right general area of specialisation after graduation, the path ahead should be a profitable one.

To get even more into the specifics, here are six jobs that simply didn’t exist a decade ago, but will be offering many opportunities long into the future.

Sustainability Manager

One of the aspects of corporate life that rather crept up on many businesses, has been the need not just to care more for the environment, but also to demonstrate exactly how they are doing this. Most are now aiming to become carbon neutral and other, even more ambitious companies like tech giant Microsoft, hope to become carbon negative in the next ten years. This has meant a burgeoning number of roles for sustainability managers; whose job it is to carry out audits on how businesses are performing, set targets, and put everything in place to achieve them. This also has a real business benefit, as well as a social one, so this is one role that won’t be disappearing any time soon.

App Developer

When Apple released the very first iPhone back in 2017, this was something of a seismic shift in so many ways. It meant the phone had advanced from being simply a device for communication, into a pocket computer. This sudden increase in its power and potential also saw the arrival of the very first applications – or apps as they soon became known. Very quickly, the potential uses for apps – for everything from turning a phone into a multicoloured torch to providing online banking, became obvious. This meant there was a sudden and urgent need for app developers to create and deliver. With 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store, and 2.8 million in the Google Play Store at the time of writing, this need for developers is only set to grow.

Online casino dealer

Another phenomenon of the last couple of decades has been the inexorable rise of the online casino. Since the early days, these have changed out of all recognition as their operators have sought to make the playing experience more immersive and involving than ever. Off the back of the success of migrating classic casino games and slots online, leading names in the industry including Betway, have introduced live casino titles to their site. These games involve live dealers being streamed direct to customers, interacting with players in real-time, as they would in a traditional land-based casino.

The most successful sites now employ a large number of online dealers and, thanks to the 24/7 nature of the sites, these roles are especially popular among people who like to work flexible hours. Furthermore, this role is a particularly great example when it comes to illustrating the migration of traditionally land-based roles, to the online world, thanks to live streaming. Other examples include eSports players and games streamers on sites like Twitch, roles that were only recently defined as careers, rather than simply hobbies, again, thanks to the evolution of tech.

Social Media Manager

As soon as social media really started to take off with giants like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter leading the way, the business world was quick to take notice. The reason was simple: here was an immediate and very cost-effective way to communicate directly with consumers. But as the number of platforms grew with others like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Instagram becoming more influential, there came a need for social media comms to be more carefully monitored and controlled. So the social media manager was born, a role that touches on many areas including marketing, PR, and customer service and support.


The explosion in social media has also seen the arrival of a whole generation of so-called influencers. Before the mass communication networks became available, they simply would have had no platform to operate on but now, given the right following, millions can receive their tips. It’s estimated that 30% of consumers are likely to buy a product or service recommended by a non-celebrity blogger which is why businesses are going to great lengths to perfect their influencer strategies. With an estimated ROI of £6.50 for every pound spent, it’s not surprising that there is an increasing demand for social media-friendly faces to provide seemingly honest and unbiased opinions on everything from cosmetics to cars.

Cryptocurrency dealer

The final example in the list is possibly not for everyone. Nevertheless, there seem to be enough people out there who feel that there is still plenty of profit to be made in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple. It was 2017 when these new forms of currencies first entered the public consciousness, fuelled by the rapid appreciation in the value of Bitcoin. While it has never reached those heights again, its value has certainly proved itself to be volatile enough to become a profitable trading commodity. It also seems like many governments and financial organisations are moving closer to accepting all kinds of cryptocurrencies as genuine financial instruments. So, it does seem like a career with a potential future.

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg with many other new roles that have emerged in recent times. No doubt, there are many more to come. So it’s going to be a question grabbing these new opportunities and staying well ahead of the curve.


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