Is a Career in Animation Good?


The world of animation is a large field with amazing professional opportunities for people who want to earn money with the help of their love for art. Television, advertising, video games, marketing – all these spheres require the presence of a talented artist who will create new worlds and characters. It doesn’t matter if we are watching a movie or some promotional product, the animation is all around us. However, you’ll have to choose which industry is closer to you and dedicate yourself to the creation of something special. Let’s find out more about animation, careers in this sector, its pros and cons. And if you want to find the job in the sphere, visit – the search engine with endless work opportunities.

Animation and Popular Careers

The process of transformation of static objects into moving ones is called animation. Today, specialists provide not only drawn pieces but also use special computer technologies to design and perform an outstanding video. As we mentioned, the art of bringing still characters to life is in high demand in many industries but the animation itself is divided into a few fields:

  • 2-D and 3-D graphics animation;
  • classical drawings created by hand;
  • stop-motion and motion animation.

There’s also a wide range of careers in this sphere. Here’s the list of the most popular ones:

  • 3-d Artist;
  • Video Game Designer;
  • Art Director;
  • Cartoonist;
  • Animation Lightning Artist;
  • Modeler;
  • Layout Artist;
  • Texture Animator.

Advantages of a Career in Animation

This field provides vast opportunities for creative and talented people who want to show their ideas to the whole world. Who hasn’t ever dreamt of being part of this magical cartoon world? And the following advantages will definitely make you want to become it even more:

  • the chance to work remotely. Of course, you can choose to work at a studio or office with your team but you can also work for a company as a freelancer. In this way, an animator can take all the perks of a remote job. He or she is able to choose the most comfortable working place, set a convenient schedule, be closer to a family while fulfilling tasks at home, avoid office mess, etc. Besides, it’s the chance to choose the most interesting projects and cooperate with studios based in any country;
  • boost your creativity. If you create characters on your own, you can decide how he/she will look like, choose the way this hero will act and many other things. And you’ll always have to develop your storytelling skills and imagination because the aspects of his/her temper will depend on you, in many cases;
  • grow your business network. Huge projects unite the best animators and you can get acquainted with professionals who have the same aims and vision as you do. Besides, it’s always great to receive expert feedback or advice about your job and improve your skills;
  • you’re learning something new all the time. With the development of technologies, we get new animation software and its updates regularly. You’ll have to learn which programs work best for you and the type of animation you’re working with. Besides, you have to follow the latest trends in the industry;
  • develop your research skills. Before you start drawing a character, you must learn how it looks like, how it moves, explore the structure of its body. For example, you have to draw a lion. The easiest way to find everything about this animal is by using Google. You’ll explore its visual characteristics, manner of walking, habits, etc. And in this method, you’ll improve your research skills and find out new information.

Disadvantages of being an Animator

Like many other jobs, a career of animator has a few disadvantages:

  • it’s time-taking. If you want to perform a brilliant result, you’ll need to spend many hours while working on a project. The research, drawing, improving – all these processes may last for a long period depending on the type of your task;
  • sometimes it’s monotonous. An animator has to work well on each detail and a great dosage of patience is needed to draw a character’s head, for example. Besides, it may be tiresome to repeat the same operations again and again.

Final Thoughts

Creating new worlds and characters is an exciting job. Of course, some processes are really challenging for animators, especially when it comes to deadlines and patience. But an idea that becomes alive on a screen is the greatest reward for a creator.


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