Kaplan GRE Prep: How To Know You’re Ready For Graduate School


The job market has gotten more competitive than ever. It’s more often the case that fresh graduate students are having a hard time competing and landing a job.

With this came the idea to go ahead and proceed with graduate school. Rather than delaying it until later, they immediately jump right into the exams and enroll for their post-graduate degree. However, sometimes, this jump may be the wrong one.

Graduate school isn’t for everybody. If you want to land a competitive career, you also can’t just slack in your post-graduate studies. This takes even more effort than your university studies will. This is precisely why you’ve got to be a hundred percent ready.

How can you tell that you are? Here are some signs:

1. You’ve Been Craving That Improvement In Your Career

This section applies to those of you who are already employed. While you’ve been working for some time now, you’ve also been craving for that improvement in your career.

To rise in a position, you need to balance educational attainment and work experience. Because you’ve already got this work experience, perhaps there’s that thought going through your mind lately that it might be time to take a master’s degree. This is in furtherance of your education and your career.

Especially when this motivation or drive hasn’t left you, then go ahead. Graduate school might be great for you right now.

2. You Already Know The Program That You Want To Take

Maybe for quite some time now, you’ve been doing your research on graduate programs. Or, through your job, you found that there’s a specific field you’d want to specialize in.

When you’re dead-set with the program that you wish to take, this means that you know what you want. It’s not something that you’re doing to go with the flow or something that you suddenly just thought about.

If you’ve found a reputable school that offers your specific program, then you’re one step closer to enroll in graduate school.

3. You’ve Been Wanting A New Academic Challenge 

There are some people who don’t mind constantly learning new things. If they’re not learning anything new, they feel as if they’re stagnant. If you’ve recently been feeling as if you’re not able to use and maximize your mind’s potential as it should, graduate school can be the answer.

One very good way for you to test if you’re ready for graduate school is to take the GRE or GMAT exam. Your GRE scores can show your level of readiness or preparedness. When they’re significantly high enough, then graduate school is a big yes.

Remember that graduate school is no easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work, and you need to be sure you’re ready and prepared for it.

4. You’re Excited For The School Application Process All Over Again

Many students dread the idea of having to apply to school again. They remember how difficult and daunting it was for their undergraduate degree. But, you could be the opposite. Especially if you loved applying to college, then you’re more ready for graduate school than you think you are.

Studying for the GRE won’t be as cumbersome for you. In your heart and mind, you’re confident enough that you’re ready to take the test and submitting application essays and other requirements. Perhaps, you’ve long been secretly getting excited to start with academic life all over again.

5. You Love Your Job

When you’ve only started doing your job, it’s hard to say that you love what you do, give it around a year or two. If you can confidently say that your job keeps you motivated every day, then it’s a telltale sign that you love your field of study; you are where you belong, and you don’t see yourself anywhere else.

When you’ve got this sense of love and admiration for your career, you’re more than ready for graduate school. Of course, given the fact that you’re also going to take up a class that’s directly related to your current job.


Grad school isn’t to be taken lightly. It entails a lot of effort and investment with your time and money. You can’t just start it and decide later on that, apparently, it isn’t for you. You might as well have just started working, even if it means starting from the bottom.

The decision to go to grad school is something that you sit down on and ponder upon. Read through these signs again and see if they apply to you. If they do, then off to grad school you go.


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