7 Common Job Interview Blunders


During a job interview, a lot of terrible mistakes can be committed. These blunders are usually the primary cause of rejection as most of them are rarely tolerated by the interviewers. To land your dream job, you must prepare for it accordingly, and you shouldn’t allow careless mistakes to stop you from achieving professional success.

In today’s post, we’re going to explore the 7 most common job interviews, that which according to the HR manager of RushMyEssay UK, happen to be the most significant mistakes that an employee can commit during an interview.

1.    Not Being Prepared

Going for a job interview unprepared is an awful mistake that only careless candidates commit. First of all, you must know what the post you’re applying for involves so throughout the interview you can show the company your value. You have to sell yourself well – including your qualities, skills and experience that is relevant to the specific job that you’re applying to!

Moreover, a company wants to see your enthusiasm and good faith. Showing up for an interview without having done your research will only prove them wrong. So, you must let them know (during the interview) that you’re aware of their products, services and brand culture.

2.    Not Being on Time

You definitely don’t want to make a bad impression during the first meeting. You can start by making sure that you’re never late. Showing up late will only display your lack of respect and professionalism, and you will have to work hard during the interview to prove them wrong.

But, we all know that these things happen. If it happens to you, you should show them that you care by letting them know that you’re delayed so they can reschedule in case their needs demand it.

3.    Avoiding Eye Contact

Employers are looking for confidence and honesty. This is what eye contact provides for them. Avoiding looking someone in the eyes doesn’t only show that you are shy or maybe an introvert, it can also suggest that you have something to hide. Avoid this mistake by having the courage to look the interviewer straight in the eyes whenever you talk to him.

4.    Appearance Issues

We can agree that you are probably not applying to be a model, but this does not mean you don’t have to pick your clothing well and display a pleasant physical appearance. Many candidates consider that it doesn’t matter how they look like if they are good. They attend the interview with messy hair, stains on their clothes, and so on. Now… you can imagine how the interview went for them.

You see, clothing is just another way that can prove your interest in the company’s position. Decent, professional clothing shows that you’re a professional. And if you really don’t like to dress up professionally, I am sure you will find a fashionable way to manage the problem. At least, always be clean and fresh when you get there!

5.    Complaining About your Previous Employer

During the interview, you may be asked about your previous employers. Now, if you had trouble with them, you may be tempted to state your complaints.

Don’t! This is a childish and lousy way to act during an interview, and nobody is impressed by this. You may mention the fact that you didn’t always see eye to eye, but keep your cool and be professional about it.

6.    Speak in Clichés

We all know the typical answers when you are asked about your qualities. Don’t you think that interviewers are tired to hear the same cliché answers like “I’m a good leader”, “I work hard”, “I’m trustworthy”, and so on? You can do better than this.

Step into your self-awareness and observe your most important traits and qualities. Just like businesses have a “unique selling point”, you have your own “unique value” that should be emphasized accordingly. And don’t just state – also back yourself up with evidence and examples.

7.    Not having questions

When the interview is close to an end or it’s already finished, the interviewers will give you the chance to ask questions. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity, as you can gain valuable insights on your potential job post.

Moreover, you’ll also let your interviewers know that you’re not so quick to sell yourself. You are a job seeker, yes, but you also have other companies that might be interested in your skills. So, know your value and don’t be afraid to ask the most important questions that you have related to the job you’re applying for.


Everybody makes mistakes. After all, we’re all human, and mistakes seem to be a part of our nature. Unfortunately, employers don’t take this into consideration and you can’t blame them. They want the best, not the ordinary. It is you who has to step out of the box. Take our advice into consideration, be aware of your potential mistakes, and ensure that you’ll never commit them in the future!

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