Video Guide: How to Write a CV That Gets Noticed by Employers


If you want to learn how to create an interview-winning CV, check out this in-depth video guide from StandOut CV.

Your CV is a reflection of your experiences, qualifications and skills which help you stand apart from the competition.  Before producing your CV, research the industry you’re looking to apply to, using your research to tailor your CV and custom fit your experiences.

Reflecting your target employers candidate requirements throughout your CV will help you produce an eye-catching personal profile that will entice a recruiter at the top of the page to delve deeper into your experiences. Commence your CV with a summary of your most applicable skills and experiences demonstrating to a recruiter your suitability.

Having a strong and professional structure will help emphasise those skills and will make your CV easier to navigate, bringing forward relevant content to the recruiter’s attention.

Stick to a clear format that flows and facilitates ease of reading to highlight examples of your sought-after skills within your role descriptions.


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