6 Questions To Ask An Attorney Before You Hire Them


It can be an uphill task sometimes trying to find an attorney who is the right fit to handle your legal problem. Court cases do take time, money, and can weigh you down emotionally. You, therefore, want an attorney who will help you rather than derail you. You need to perform some due diligence and research candidates before hiring.

Here are 6 questions to ask an attorney before you hire them:

1. How Many Years Have You Been Practicing Law?

It is important that you know the attorney’s work experience and his or her level of expertise. It is good that you ascertain whether the attorney is a beginner fresh from law school in the field of law or an expert with years of experience under his or her sleeve. This will determine whether he or she will be able to handle your case depending on its complexity.

2. Which Case Types Are You Well Versed With?

There are several fields of law and attorneys choose which one to specialize in. You’ll, therefore, want to know the field which the attorney at hand specializes in. It would be a great setback to hire an attorney specializing in family law to handle a business case for you.

3. Who Are Your Usual Clients?

This question is in many instances ignored and not given much consideration. You’ll need to know the kind of clients that the attorney is used to working with. If, say, the attorney is used to working with big firms as his or her clients and you are an average individual with a small legal problem, it may not be a perfect fit for you.

There are dynamics such as cost and the nature of cases that the attorney is used to and if you are not in the category of the usual client he is accustomed to working with, it may be a rough ride.

4. How Many Cases Similar To Mine Have You Handled?

You’ll want an attorney who identifies well with the legal problem that you have at hand, one who has represented several clients before and has results to show for it. You’ll want to go further and request for records showing how long the case was handled, what the final outcome was, and how satisfied the client was with the attorney’s work.

5. Is There Another Alternative To Solve My Legal Problem?

It is good to find out from the attorney whether there is another more effective alternative to use to solve the legal problem at hand maybe through arbitration or an out-of-court arrangement.

A trusted attorney that’s interested in genuinely helping you solve your legal problem will be open with you to inform you of another simpler more effective alternative to handling the case.

6. What’s The Likely Outcome Of My Case?

An attorney can tell whether your case is a winning or losing battle. He will be able to predict how the case is likely to turn out. Get to ask the attorney on these details so that you can prepare yourself psychologically for how everything will turn out to be.


These six questions are important to ask an attorney before hiring him or her. Connecting with the right attorney means a proper representation for your case. To save you from the hustle of searching for an attorney, you can find the best of the best to hire at Phillips & Blow.


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