The Impact of Brexit on Recruitment


Brexit is causing a lot of concern for UK businesses. However, one particular concern companies have is how it will impact recruitment.

Many firms have even put their recruitment process on hold until they know the impact Brexit will have. With just a couple of weeks until the UK is set to leave the EU, how exactly could it impact recruitment and what challenges could it deliver?

It’s harder to attract international talent

One of the major ways Brexit is impacting recruitment is companies are now finding it harder to attract international talent. The UK hasn’t even left the EU yet, but that isn’t stopping international candidates being put off from working within the country.

A recent study has revealed that there has been a 37% decline in applications from Italy, a 35% decrease from France and Germany, and a 32% decrease from the Netherlands. The uncertainty of Brexit is also having a far-reaching impact, with candidates from non-EU countries also put off from coming to work in the UK.

End to free movement challenges

Of course, one of the main issues in recruitment regards the end of free movement within the EU. This doesn’t just impact companies looking to hire from EU countries; it also impacts those who already do.

European workers are concerned over what will happen to their status once the UK leaves the EU. Although the changes won’t be fully in effect until 2020, there’s still great concern over how it will impact the UK’s European immigrants.

Those who are currently working within the UK would do well to seek professional legal advice. Experts in immigration law from Withers can help immigrants better navigate and comply with the new laws.

How can businesses prepare?

There’s no denying Brexit is causing havoc for the recruitment sector right now. However, there are some steps businesses can take to prepare. Retaining their existing workforce is going to be crucial in minimising the initial impact. Companies should also look to hire UK talent where they can. Seeking professional advice relating to hiring EU employees is also recommended.

While the full effects of Brexit won’t be known until the UK actually leaves the EU, the above are some of the current effects it’s having on the recruitment sector. Businesses are urged to start preparing for the result of Brexit now to avoid experiencing significant issues after the 31st October.


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