How Made to Measure Office Furniture Can Improve Productivity


During a normal workday in an office, we spend 5 hours on average just sitting on our desks. Sitting is a significant part of a daily routine for someone working in an office, and it is crucial to ensure you remain comfortable during this time.

The market has a lot to offer in terms of office furniture, ranging from gimmicky ones to those that are purely functional. The office style sends a non-verbal message about the brand and affects both office ambience and productivity of employees.

Desk chairs and spaces are seen to be necessary for a formal setting, but furniture needs to provide support and reflect the tasks being handled. They have the ability to create interest and transform the working environment.

Getting the right blend of office furniture can seem to be an expensive investment, but it is worth it. Design and fashion trends keep changing, but basic office furniture such as desks and chairs need to meet employee needs. Proper ergonomics not only improve your comfort but it also boosts productivity as well.

In that sense, made to measure office furniture can significantly improve productivity in the office, and here’s how:

1. They create a better office atmosphere

Each made to measure project is unique, as the office furniture selection varies with the form of organization architectural design and size of the room. Unlike before, the design of an office space matters, especially in serving as a source of motivation to their staff.

With the right made to measure furniture for your office, you will achieve an optimal working environment. 

2. They provide you with the correct posture

If all your employees were of the same height and statutes, then finding the right furniture for your offices would be effortless. Unfortunately, every human is unique, making it essential to find furniture which can accommodate different people.

The furniture industry has most desks being 29-inches; some employees may need a 27-inch desktop height. The same applies to chairs, and it is vital to find an adjustable chair, in case you get a new employee or intern of a different height.

Made to measure furniture aim at fulfilling a specific set of needs; thus, your employees will enjoy a personalised desk, hence improving their productivity.

3. Better access to storage

The often ignored factor when designing a comfortable workplace for your employees is easily accessible storage. How easy is it to access important papers, files, etc.? How many times will an employee have to get out of the desk to reach these peripherals?

With made to measure furniture, a designer will come to your office, have a look at the space, and make suggestions. He will then design the office in a way that employees can easily access files in their office. Thus, less time will be spent moving from the desk to the storage cabinet.

More time will then be allocated to handling tasks, thereby boosting overall productivity.

4. Organized workspace

How many times have you walked into an office and find their cable management system to be a mess? With monitors, keyboards, printers, phones, desktops, office desks can quickly get crowded. With MTM furniture, you can have all the components for your workplace made to suit your requirements and in line with available space to create an organised setup.

Besides, adjustable features are also available which will immensely help reduce clatter. You will be able to focus on tasks at hand and work effectively.

Final Thoughts

Though you might have to pay a little more for made to measure office furniture as opposed to buying ready-made furniture, it is worth it. The result will serve as motivation for you and your employees which will then translate to higher profits. Besides, with made to measure furniture, the relationship with your designer won’t just end there as you can also seek readjustments and renovations.


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