The Best Career Advice from Athletes


It is easy to think that the top athletes have reached the summit solely through luck or some sort of natural gift. However, when we look at the best career advice from some stars we can see that they need to plan their career like anyone else.

Talk to Others

Chris Paul made waves back in 2017 when he made the move from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Houston Rockets. At 32 years old, it was a massive decision that could have a huge effect on the rest of his career.

Rather than make the decision on his own, Paul revealed that he has spoken to his close family and also to music figure Jay-Z and Disney boss Bog Iger. The reason that he asked those people for advice was that they make big decisions every day.

Paul said that Jay-Z gave him some of the best advice that helped him to make his final decision on the move. It certainly hasn’t hindered his earnings, as he is one of the best-paid NBA stars with some giant endorsements deals as well as an impressive salary.

Make Useful Contacts

Danny Amendola is a wide receiver in the NFL who published a letter in The Players Tribune that gives advice to undrafted football players. Among the points that he makes, Amendola points out the importance of being professional, of working hard every day, and of moving on from failure.

Perhaps the most crucial area that he covered in the letter is the need to develop relationships with everyone. As an example, the NFL player mentioned that he had worked briefly with a coach named Pat Shurmur at the Philadelphia Eagles. When Shurmur went to the St Louis Rams he convinced his new team to offer Amendola a contract.

This is the sort of advice that works in any industry, as making good contacts and being remembered for all the right reasons can help you to move up the ladder and get better jobs over time. On the other hand, rubbing people up the way will probably come back to hurt you at some point.

Have Fun

Tiger Woods has enjoyed an amazingly successful career in which he has over 100 professional wins to his name, including 15 major championships, and spent well over 500 weeks as the world number one.

During his incredibly run of dominance, he was known a serious, fierce competitor whose mere presence was enough to put other top golfers off their game. Yet, he has pointed out that the best piece of advice he ever received was to have fun.

Enjoying work might not always seem easy, but if you can manage this then it will give you a far better chance of being successful along the way.

Let Good Competition Make You Better

Earvin Magic Johnson is one of the finest examples of a famous athlete becoming a massive success in the business world after retiring from the sport. According to this list in TwinSpires Edge he is the best point guard in NBA history:

The NBA legend has opened a string of money-making companies and has also given advice to aspiring entrepreneurs over the years.

One of his best bits of advice was to become better by letting the competition drive you on. The example that he gave was of matching Larry Bird’s offseason output by putting up 2,000 shots every day.

As mentioned, Magic was arguably one of the best point guards in NBA of all time. So, it would have been easy for him to rest on his laurels.

Johnson also stated the importance of knowing your customer and also carrying out regular SWOT analysis. However, it is likely that his idea of striving to match a strong rival catches the imagination of more people.


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