How Influential People Affect Everyone and Spread Positivity


People who have a lot of influence cannot be underestimated. Their power fills up a room and people instantly become beholden to them. It’s truly a wonderful gift to command attention and garner that much respect. Being influential can drive others to accomplish more, inspire action and effect change. It also means that what one says or does matters and it sets the tone for others to follow in their footsteps.

But influential people aren’t just born that way, kissed by the cosmic gods of charisma. They possess a very specific skill set and have cultivated qualities that ensure they can connect emotionally and mentally to different people. In fact, these are things that the layman could learn, by devoting enough time and energy to do so. The following are a few tips on how to become more influential and encourage others to do better and spread positive vibes.

Become a Good Listener

Most people think that becoming influential is more about talking a lot and being the loudest person in the room. In reality, listening matters much more. People get excited about leaders who take a genuine interest in their life stories and needs, making them feel important. When you are able to show others that they matter, they are more likely to care about what you have to say and will, therefore, become easier to influence. 

Build Bridges

Very rarely does a cantankerous or rude person earn influence or gains the respect of people. Kindness is crucial to drawing more people to your side. Furthermore, it is always important to remember that people come from a variety of backgrounds and sometimes even incompatible belief systems. Being influential and encouraging change for the best requires the ability to connect with different groups and individuals, and building collaborations. Being open to creating bridges and taking the time to listen to conflicting viewpoints is a key skill that every successful leader has managed to develop. 

Be Open to Risks

An influential person doesn’t blink at taking on a challenge and in fact, is open to risks. Sometimes, showing some gumption is the best way to get your base, or employees, motivated. Money and promises of short-term success aren’t guaranteed and not everyone will find those things attractive. But challenging yourself and others around you is an excellent way for you to grow as a leader, and positively influence those around you.


If you don’t believe in yourself or your ideas, then you can’t really expect others to believe in you or want to follow your lead. Conveying a strong sense of confidence – even if you need to fake it till you make it – the key to giving the impression that you are someone to whom people should listen, and that your ideas are of value. Even if you doubt yourself in secret, don’t let others see you be too vulnerable. Always be well-prepared and believe in your own set of knowledge and competency. 

Radiate Positive Energy

This may seem like a rather diffuse statement, but it basically means that you should always communicate an energetic and positive attitude, and a deep enthusiasm and love for what you do. Otherwise, why would others trust you? And more importantly, how could you be a constructive influence on others without explaining why you’re excited about certain ideas?

Work Slowly Towards Your Goals

There’s no quick fix here. You do need to take the time to build your reputation and work hard to achieve consistent results. If you want to influence people, you need to have a track record of success, otherwise, it would be rather difficult to meet your goals.  

Build Effective Communication Skills 

Practice your oratory skills as much as possible. Effective communication – whether you are speaking to a small group of people or a massive audience – is crucial in making your message easy to understand by all. Your ideas should be expressed utilizing a mode of storytelling and real-life anecdotes to help support your argument and drive home your point. 

Play the Long Game

By improving your skills over time, you will not only build some necessary confidence, but you will also be able to influence others. People want to learn from those whom they feel have the expertise and valuable knowledge to impart. Having the power to influence others – without luring them with promises of money and success, but rather to do good – takes time and entails an ongoing focus on self-improvement and growth. Remember to always be a good influence to people around you, as what you do for them may inspire them to the same for others.


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